Say What you want…This kid’s a Better Entrepreneur than You

fake teen doctor

In Florida recently some 18 year old kid got caught twice posing as a doctor.

Not just any doctor….a gynecologist…

Yup this guy was seeing and touching the vay jayjay and getting paid to do it without a license, first date, or a curfew

If a player ever lived…..if a hustler was ever born…This kid is it.

Come on, what man wouldn’t have done something like this if they thought they could get away with it….well maybe Jesus and Sam Smith.

As a woman I should be appalled(Wow I used a big Word so pleased with myself) but I’m not cause my GYN is old as hell and I found him on Zoc Doc so I’m safe.

Besides there is plenty of people focused on the negative side of this….

I like to look at the positive.

One: This kid got more ballz than any of you out here complaining about how your life sucks and aint done sh$t about it.

Two: This is the second time he got caught doing this and he just keeps on going. Now that is GRIT….a bunch of you fakers out there need to take some notes.

Three: This guy started his own practice!!! He billed through insurance…haha and you can’t get your online business started?

You can’t make a dollar? He did it with less than 50 cents….in startup capital.

Too busy worrying about a funnel that you can’t afford. Let alone set up.

But you want to travel anywhere and work from a beach while money magically machines while you sleep?
You want that passive income but you can’t even build up the gull to be even passive aggressive in getting your business up and running?

Or maybe you just confused as hell with all the marketing, business and mindset gufools and pissperts pulling you in 30 different directions at once. Do this no do that….start a blog…create a lead page to another lead page to a blog post to the optin in from a squeeze page to a questionnaire then a landing page.

If the question of ‘What the hell does this even mean?’ come up more often than is answered.

You got a pucking problem….

And maybe I can solve them.

I like simple stuff. I’m not a techno suave marketer. I keep it as simple as possible as long as it works.

I’m willing to get punched in the face and shot in the back just so you don’t have to try bull crap products or pay for seminars from the gufool fakes out there determined to hustle you out of your money.

I give those biz owners on my email list a daily email dropping some tried and true battle tested marketing and biz knowledge. Plus give you the option to learn more though my newsletter Guap Marketing Hustlers if you find my daily tip was worth it.

Plus Plus….kinda like double jump, I teach you how to use stories in your marketing to make money.

No lie.

AND give you the little kick in the ass by showing how guys like this 18 year old has more ballz…more GRIT in his pubic hair than you do in your entire body. It’s a gentle push from me to you to get your butt in gear and go make some money.

If you ready….which you should be right now.

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Homeless Man teaches us how to love the dead and market it


“Your reputation is everything. It’ll make you money and keep you from getting hurt. That’s why I do what I do.”–unknown corner hustler (Might have been me…but no snitching)

One thing’s for sure this story of this homeless dude screwing a corpse will surely keep him from getting bodied in jail.

(That means killed.)

While scrolling the news today, I came across a story about some random homeless man breaking into a funeral home….which to me is no big deal. That funeral home around me used to get robbed all the time.

But then I come to find out this crazy homeless man screwed one of the corpses.

(It was female. In case you were wondering.)

Really my dude…a corpse? As disgusting as it is—It’s hard out there for a pimp and even harder for a homeless man.

Yes, this crap is true. Check this…/homeless-man-breaks-into-funeral-home-ha…/

Anyone that does something like this will earn a nickname/Pen name because I am very sure he will be spending a good amount of time in the pen for this.

So I dub him D’nec… D for his first name and the nec for well necrophilia.

It’s fitting and is a good strong street name that any gangster would be proud of.

Now D’nec has earned himself a hell of a Rep because of his actions. So much that it’s news worthy and has been shared over 1.2K times already.

He’ll forever be in my mind and certainly in the minds of the prison guards, inmates and penal psych ward personnel as the guy who screws the dead.

That’s not a bad thing because of this situation he’ll be relatively safe while he’s under the jail.

Nobody is touching that azz.

You know what… if he plays his cards right when he gets out he’ll be able to tell his story of screwing a corpse and in the right circles make a whole lotta cake.

He could change his life by telling his crazy story of why he got locked up and he’ll have the media behind him too. After all this little weird story is all over the net now.

He’s not some random homeless guy that broke into a funeral home. He’s THE homeless guy, D’nec that broke into a funeral home and screwed a corpse and that means something.

He built himself a powerful rep and has a great story to tell plus he got other people telling his story. This guy just might be a crazy marketing genius.

After all is said and done when he gets out he definitely could make some money off of this.

There is a quite a following for this sort of thing.


Now this disgusting news story is a perfect example of how a biz owner like you can use story to sell your product or service and turn it into something that will build up your rep in your niche.

As you can see a powerful story that gets told by others in your audience could net you fame and lots of monies in your pocket without the jail time.

And I know just how to do that.

In fact that’s what I’ll be teaching to the subscribers of Guap Marketing Hustlers .

I’ll teach you how to come up with a story for your business that builds you a brand that brings in the cash.

But I’ll only being sharing this lesson and more in Guap Marketing Hustlers .

The next issue is released in March.

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Lauren Hazel