Knowledge Bomb about Story

A little knowledge bomb for you business folks using story which you all should be by the way.

Story with no purpose is useless.

I see many online business folks starting to use story in their business that violate this on a daily basis.

First off Story is a tool that we humans having being using for thousands of years and it works.

Two: stories that are remembered and are useful have purpose.

You have to define that purpose before you go off running your mouth in videos as to what is the point of telling that story to your audience. What are you looking to do and gain from this?

In the game of using story to grow your business. The story you tell has to resonate with your audience.

If it doesn’t resonate with them then you failed. Time to go back and try again not continue telling the same story and similar stories in your business marketing.

Key to this: If your audience doesn’t care and doesn’t do then your story needs to change.
Now if you realize that story is not your strength. That good and okay because if you are in this group. I’ll drop some knowledge to help you along the path of using storytelling which is one of my ‘Thangz’.

Any Q’s about story or how to use it? Comment below so I can answer it in another post here.

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