Using Surveys in your business? You might want to read this before you make the biggest mistake in using surveys

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So I been in this question and the then analyze the results game for a while. At one point in my life I thought I wanted to be a market researcher so surveys and analyzing survey responses became home sweet home for me.

So now when I see more business owners using surveys to create offers for their audience I can’t help but feel pity on their poor souls because I know what they are in for.

About a year ago now Ryan Levesque published a book called Ask which became a New York Times best seller. It detailed his Ask Method in great detail. A method that requires the use of surveys and survey results to segment a business owners email list into specific buckets in which the business owner can now tailor special offers to a group of hyper responsive subscribers that will be eager to buy. Do all of this and success seems to come instantly. I know people that have used the Ask Method and it has made a huge difference in their business so in short it works but….
Only if you do it right.

You see once you get into trying to implement the Ask method in your business you will noticed that things start to get complicated fast.

You have to build an email list if you currently don’t have one and that takes work, time and money.

You have to have the tech tools in place to create, bring traffic to and launch your survey. Don’t forget you have to push for results because need a certain number of responses.
You have to create the question and then interpret the results.

Create the ‘buckets’ and then create the offer based on the results and then build out the sales funnel from there.

That’s a lot of work and there are many places where a business owner could go horribly wrong.
For example, the creation of the questions for your survey…

You might think this part is easy. Just slap together a few questions about what your audience likes or dislikes and boom! You have a survey ready to go.

No so fast. If you ask the wrong question or ask it in the wrong way you could completely render your survey useless. In fact, in the Ask Method there are two types of questions you must ask and screwing up those two questions is a sure ticket to failure for your survey funnel.

One of those questions and the most important question out of your whole survey has to be done right. In fact, it is called the Single Most Important Question aka SMIQ in the Ask Method. If you make it too broad then you’ll get distorted answers but if it’s too narrow then you won’t get enough responses. You have to strike a delicate balance.

Sounds like something you can do with no problem?


Now what about all the hundreds of response that you have to manually go over.

Yes, I said hundreds because you need at least 500.

Did I mention that most of the questions are open ended so that means reading through responses that could be as long as 500 plus words and you have over 500 responses to read and analyze?

You can’t take any short cuts on this and you need to have someone that is experienced enough to understand what these responses mean as well as what they say in order to create the ‘buckets’ in which you will base your sales funnel on.

If this sound like something you can do with no problem, then good luck.

However, if the mention of just creating the right questions or analyzing hundreds of responses frightens you.

Especially since you now know that making a mistake could cost you lots of money.
You are not alone.

If you’re business is using the Ask Method, would like to or is currently using surveys but having trouble.

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