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This was created for Folks in Espresso With Dan but I am posting it here for you to enjoy as well.

I usually only share this type of information with my email list or with special groups like EWD but I thought it was especially important to share it with you.

Read and Do well.

-Lauren The Story Brand Strategist

The Benefits of using story in your marketing are huge but the wrong story could be costly.
Now a days it seems like every guru and expert under the sun is on this story binge and rightfully so. Storytelling is great way to connect with your audience and keep their attention long enough for you to show your value and then convert them into paying customers.
If you are not using story in your marketing then you are really missing out because the benefits of story are huge such as

1. You get to show off your personality.

People want to connect with people they like. They want to and are willing to buy from people and companies they like. Especially now that folk out there have so much choice in who they decide to follow and buy from. Storytelling allows you to show that you are the best and possibly only choice that aligns with their beliefs and needs. They are looking for someone to plug into and storytelling gives them the chance for you to show why they should plug into you.

2. You stand out from all the noise.

The market is crowded with folks that decided that they are entrepreneurs that can sell anything. Some of these noise makers have connections to bigger players that they use to be louder in a already crowed and loud market place. Others buy ads and use social media to be not only loud but obnoxious. It’s loud out there and a lot of folks are sounding and looking the same. Using story in your marketing will allow you to set yourself apart in a way that your audience will appreciate and by appreciate I mean they become followers and buyers.

3. Emotional connection

If you don’t know people buy on emotions. The emotional connection between your business and its offering is what makes people buy from you. Storytelling allows you to easily tap into this soft core of your audience so that you can begin to convince them that they need what you have to offer and further move them towards buying through the benefits of your offering.

4. It has them hooked.

Stories are the most humanly natural way to get people hooked on you and what you have to offer. Think about it….Star Wars is a multi billion dollar franchise that works so well that they have at least 6 more movies planned. Even after it took over a decade for the next movie to be made. This comes after the lack luster review of the prequels yet still they are able to create cartoons, write books, toys and a whole bunch of other merchandise that sells millions of dollars every year. A story so power it created a fandom….of ready to buy geeks and nerds for generations that keep coming back and demanding more. If that is not a testament to how powerful story is and why you would be a fool not to use it in your business then I don’t know what is.

However…while storytelling does have these benefits and could help you grow your business. It doesn’t mean that any story will work. It needs to be focused not on you but on THEM…your audience.

Most importantly your story has to have purpose. Your message has to be clear as to who your message is for in order to justify the use of the story.

When I talk to folks that need help working out their story. I focus on three things first.

  1. What they do or what their business is?

  2. Who their target market is?
  3. What is their message and offer?

When these three things are in sync then the marketing for that business will start to attract more qualified leads that can be more easily converted to customers.

Unfortunately, many businesses especially small businesses are missing the mark when it comes to having those three things working together. They spent money on marketing that doesn’t and will never work because the 3 main focus points that lead to a successful marketing promotion are missing.

On top of that they are not using storytelling to help glue those things together and hook their prospects.

So instead of investing their Marketing dollars wisely they are wasting them.

If you think that your marketing isn’t doing as well as it should or maybe it’s not working at all. Then its time for a change but first you need to know exactly where you are going wrong before you invest thousands more in pushing Facebook Ad or Email Marketing campaigns.

You need to have your Marketing Analysis done. A full report on your email marketing and/or your Facebook Ads will help you know what changes need to be made to set your business development efforts on track. It is no enough to know that something is wrong. You need to know exactly what is wrong and where the changes need to be made so you can generate more leads and turn them into paying customers.

If you would like to have me to perform a Marketing Analysis on your Facebook Ads or Email Marketing campaign then Click here to schedule an appointment with me to chat about your current situation.




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