Be Prepared!

What are you plotting?

In a few short weeks most of the retail world will be in the holiday sales spirit. The ads, the promotions will launch to convince potential customers to buy and buy more. The deals will flow and many including myself will grab as many of them as needed. It will be time for those running red all year to get a chance to run black before the end of fourth quarter but with talk of the US being in a recession and the interest job market. This holiday season will either be back to the norm before the pandemic or much lower.

So to protect yourself from being one of the losers of the holiday sales this is what I suggest.

  1. Start planning your holiday promotions now.
  2. Get your sales email campaigns planned out.
  3. Warm up all your past buyers and email lists you have.
  4. Get your ads ready and start testing now.
  5. Be open to collaborations with the right influencers.
  6. Spend money or be ready to give something up that is very valuable. Nobody wants to work for free and your product is not of value to someone who can make you more sales.
  7. Be aggressive with your advertising. Now is not the time to be a wimp. I don’t care what your CMO or director of marketing brand/social media BS tells you. You gonna lay them off soon anyway or they gonna quit for better pay and conditions. 
  8. Have a strong desire to make money. Unless you like layoffs and being out of business.
  9. Have fun! In my opinion testing out sales campaigns during the holiday season is very fun. People are more open to deals so you can have more creative sales freedom. 

For example I am very excited to do my Black Panther Comic book week sales email in November. The movie is coming out and it’s the holiday season. The perfect time for something like this.

Don’t wait to the last minute to do all of these things. You may have to hire new employees or freelancers to get things done. If the number of people looking for people with the skillset to run traffic of convert people into buyers. You might want to put some gas in grabbing someone quick.

I know I am limiting my availability to plan and write sales emails for other companies I am not an owner of. Act fast.

If you looking for a sales email copywriter to plan, write and manage your email list or to consult you and your team during the upcoming holiday season.  You can book an appoint here with me to see if we are a good fit or if I can help you.