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Hi, I’m Lauren and for years I struggled to get more sales for my tutoring businesses(aka side hustles) without having to use sleazy sales tactics and marketing ploys.

My tutoring businesses were struggling even though I had stellar reviews, and in a really niche market. I couldn’t figure out how to get more clients or even raise my rates.

Until I discovered the a simple forgotten principle that allowed me to raise my rates on my current clients and opened the flood gates to so many more clients that I had to refer them to other tutors.

This long forgotten principle was so successful that I still have some of my past clients from my tutoring days begging me to come back.

If you would like to boost your sales and grow a loyal red hot for you customer base that begs you to sell to them….want some go old fashioned motivation and Nerdy pop culture fun while you learn. You can check out the rest of the site and sign up to get one of the free guides plus watch some fun email newsletters  in action in your inbox.




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I write about my experiences building businesses and writing story selling emails for clients I cold closed from live events.  As well as my passion projects in the Nerdom world of science fiction and fantasy.

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