ATTENTION: To ALL Entrepreneurs who have a Stack of Business/Sales/Marketing Books piled in their house or on their Phone, Kindle,Ipad or Tablet

ATTENTION: To ALL Entrepreneurs who have a Stack of Business/Sales/Marketing Books piled in their house or on their Phone,  Kindle,  Ipad or Tablet

This letter may be for you if your a  busy, unorganized, analytical, creative or dyslexic, and investment minded entrepreneur who doesn’t have time to read, listen or breakdown the hundreds of Business/Entrepreneur/Productivity books that everyone reads and swears by…

Dear Friend,

Amazing what one can accomplish in a day when focused on the right things. Imagine what you could accomplish as an entrepreneur when you learn the right lessons from the best business books and apply their principles, strategies and tactics to your business.

Only problem is you would have to thoroughly read those books and break down those lessons and create your own actionable takeaways for your business. That might mean reading a book 10x or listening to it 20x then taking notes and breaking them down into things you can start doing right now.

That while it is worth it takes time and if you are like most humans who decide that they want to run their own business then I’m sure there is a pile of business books sitting on a bookshelf or table waiting to be read. Perhaps so things don’t look as bad since you have all your business books on your Kindle or phone as ebooks or audio books.


How many have you read or listened to?

or do you have a pile of books stacked up somewhere in your home or taking up space on you phone.?

Might look something like this:

or this:

(This is just a sample of my Business/Entrepreneur physical book collection.)

How many times have you gone over them, taken notes and turned them into actionable tactics or strategies?

I’ve personally read some of the books in those pictures at least 3 to 5 times if not more. Emphasis on the word some…not all.

And it took me hours!

Perhaps you are super human and read every book that was recommended  by some Guru or Expert.

Maybe you took the time to break them down and use at least 1 thing in your business.

Maybe not and hanging around other entrepreneurs who brag about the amount of books they read isn’t helping you.

Especially if you have dyslexia like many entrepreneurs and reading books is a challenge or you always hated studying so the idea of reading or listening to a business book over and over while taking notes makes you sick.

Maybe your more of a student of Amazon 1-click than a student of reading/listening and breaking down books about business.

But then get embarrassed when other entrepreneurs that are more successful tell you about how this Book changed how they did this and they got X return.

However you won’t have to be just a collector of business books or just a Amazon 1-click super star.

Because Biz Tutor Notes will read the best business books and take notes, quotes and tactics then package them into a simple PDF for you.

While getting extra insights through FB live videos and answering questions you have that only the Master and World Leader in Entrepreneur Education can give you while delivering the notes and actionable tactics you can use in your business now.

So you don’t need to spend hours rereading or listening to classics like Influence or the 50th Law to get notes and actions you can take immediately to help improve your business.

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When you join Biz Tutor Notes you’ll get:

  • Access to the exclusive for paid members only Facebook Group where you’ll get to vote on the next business book I read and breakdown so each Monthly PDF of Notes will be based on the books you want.
  • You get weekly FB lives of Weekly Insights. a short 15 minutes or less teardown of the chapters I have read so far so that you can get a head start on the tactics and strategies for your business before the official PDF comes out every month.
  • How to manipulate your competition by using Biz Tutor Notes and get them to help you.
  • How to apply high level business tactics to your business without paying a high level consultant or spending 10’s of thousands on Masterminds.
  • Discover why it makes more sense to apply the rule of 1’s and 2’s then mass consumption buying behavior when it to your business.
  • The Fastest Known way to take what you learn from the best books on Entrepreneurship, productivity and business and turn them into actionable tactics that help skyrocket your business.
  • The honest ‘No bull crap’ truth about buying and reading all the books every expert and guru tell yous are must reads.

All that and more when you become a member of Biz Tutor Notes for only:

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Plus get extra insights without having to read the book 10x or listen to it 20x to get the valuable information that can help transform your business and make you look smart the next time you are in the room with other successful entrepreneurs.

But if you discover Biz Tutor Notes is not for you then simply email and I’ll cancel your membership with no questions asked.

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