Can’t Come Up With Ideas for Your Emails?

Can’t Come Up With Ideas for Your Emails?

Discover this System for Coming Up With Profitable Email Ideas Fast


Dear Friend,

If you like to quickly come up with profitable Ideas for your emails then this letter will show you how…

About 8 years ago, I started collecting emails for my then Online Math Tutoring business. This was my very first online business and I read all the blogs about the importance of building an email list so I did.

I went through though all the frustration of putting up a lead capture form and setting up an email service provider. It wasn’t as easy as it is now and I am not a techie.

It took me hours and hours.

I even managed to shutdown my website in the process of connecting the webform to the website.

Not a good day but that turned out the be the easy part because after I did all of that and started getting more and more emails on my list. I realized that I had no idea what I was going to write to my list.

No idea at all and this was after I had gone through my first copywriting course.

Despite learning a bit about how sales copy worked and how to write it. I still had no idea how to come up with interesting and profitable ideas that I could write emails about that would help sell my tutoring courses or 1 on 1 sessions.

Apparently the how to come up with ideas section was missing from that course and every single copywriting course I have taken since then.

(Over the Last 6 years…I have taken 4 copywriting course!)

So I found myself either staring at a blank page and wasting hours trying to find something to write about to sell my courses or not emailing my list at all. At the time it was easy for me not to email my list because most of my business was from referrals and cold prospecting in New York City but after a while those methods weren’t working as well.

I needed to use my email list but I wasn’t able to quickly think of ideas that would help sell my courses. I didn’t send garbage emails to my list of well to do parents but I also didn’t want to struggle getting my next client or to sell my courses.

So I decided to create a system to come up with interesting profitable ideas that I could use to write emails to my list.

That system over the years generated me and my clients tens of thousands of dollars and it all started back when I was selling Math courses and 1 on 1 tutoring sessions.

My coaching clients have used this system in their businesses write emails  selling their products and services successfully and for the first time I am making it available to you.

How to Quickly Find Profitable Ideas for Your Emails Course

In this course you will discover:   

    • How to quickly “cancel out” ideas that won’t resonate with your subscribers. (This alone will add more sales and keep your readers more engaged.)
    • Why even “beginners” are able to use the find profitable ideas for your emails without becoming a copywriter or taking some fancy copywriting course
    • How to avoid the embarrassing mistakes even experienced marketers/copywriters make when finding ideas for emails.
    • “Short cut” idea trick you can learn and use immediately …no matter how much of a newbie at email marketing you are
    • How to spot the best profitable idea for your next email that even the experts would miss
    • Why the “natural” way of coming up with ideas to write emails works better than the marketing theories and bright shiny objects of Internet Marketing Gurus of today
    • How to tell the difference between a good engaging profitable idea and a crap idea for your emails(This alone will have your readers looking for your emails everyday)
    • Why you should never use your product/service as the starting point when coming up with new email ideas aka avoiding the Dark Path
    • How to put together your own email sequence using your new profitable email ideas in 30mins or less
    • Why it is important to use Match the Match technique(None of the Experts of copy or sales tell you this)

This new course comes with a 14 day Money back Guarantee because I designed it so that you can get through the course in less than 3 days. That way you can try it out and start writing out your emails.

All for an investment today of $379.

Plus as a Special Bonus:

You also get How to Write and Structure Profitable Emails Workshop Live AND access to The Acolytes of Story Selling Group where you will get your course plus 2 of my other tear down videos…FREE!

In this Live workshop you will discover:

  • The detailed strategies and tactics to structure your emails so that the message, voice and ideas connect seamlessly with your offer without being salesy
  • How to write sales emails all by yourself and do it far better than anyone you could ever hire.( I know because I done it for my businesses)
  • How to see through the myth of the nurture sequence(Yeah, I said it and I’ll reveal the how and why in this workshop)
  • How to avoid the most common and costly email writing mistakes that newbies make that kills the sale (knowing this will put you miles ahead of your competition)

This Live workshop will also allow you to watch me explain and write a sales email. Plus I’ll answer all your questions during this special presentation.

Heck, I’m am going to allow you to submit your emails for me to tear down and rewrite during this workshop.

The last time I did a workshop like this was for the marketing  department at Kumor LLC a startup in NYC that was funded for over $30 million.

They paid me over $5,000 to come in and do this workshop for their marketing department.

But you won’t pay anywhere near that if you buy this course today.

For only $379 you’ll get Both How to Quickly Find Profitable Ideas for Your Emails Course and How to Write And Structure Profitable Emails Workshop Live

Total value of over $5,000 for only 1 payment of $379 today.

Remember you have 14 days to try it out.

All you need to do is click the button below to buy.


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