KAPOW BOOOM!!! KRUNK! SHOOOOSH! Comic Book Week 2019 Behind the Scenes: How I plan out and write comic themed sales emails that bring in bucket loads of sales


Comic Book Week 2019 Behind the Scenes:

How I plan out and write comic themed sales emails that bring in bucket loads of sales


Dear Friend:

If you are tired and bored of the Marketing Bros, get this for 50% off or the moon cycle is in whatever that has the crystal panties glowing sales emails then this letter might be for you. 

If you have an email list or will be writing sales emails to make some money then there is something you really need to know. Your prospects inboxes are with half-assed, boring should have been burned at the stake crap sales emails. Most people naturally look for the emails to delete just to clear their inbox so while email marketing is still the highest ROI sales generating medium we have according to the good folks at American Marketing Association.

(Every $1 spent in in email marketing has an ROI of $32 according to their industry surveys.)

 You first have to get through all the trash in your prospects inbox. 

For some of us that is not very difficult…we know how to be infotaining and write emails that people love to read and buy from. We naturally stand out from the crowd of BS Marketing Bros and Woo Woo bullshit that litters the inboxes of thousands of people. Combined with the right offer we get sales however…

Even though people might love to read and buy from our infotaining emails. In order to keep the spark of buying alive. One needs to add a little spice in the inbox.


As I prefer to do…

Add a little

KAPOWW…..BOOOMMMM and Big breasted Smack

And Superhuman powered KAZAAAAMMM!

And Evil Genius Laugh! 


Also known as Comic Book Week Sales Emails

But for the first time ever I will be peeling back the curtain on how I plan and write these uniquely profitable sales emails so you can take a crack at them for your own benefit. 

In this behind the scenes training I will:

  • Show the planning process for creating the emails and putting them in the right order to maximize the chance for more sales: It’s nice to write these action packed super powered emails but putting them in the right order to carry out your grand plans for sales is just as important. Learn how it should be done.
  • How to choose and make the offer work with your comic book infused emails so your readers are excited to buy. A bored reader and a crap offer are the death of any email marketing campaign…but I’m going to show you how to match the right offer and make it work with your comic book email without it being the third wheel of the story
  • Show you how to use the story in the comics to influence sales without being boring as dry toast with no butter, jam or avocado…It doesn’t matter if you are a Marvel or DC fan in this one…I’m taking characters and story lines from known and underknow characters showing you how to make your sales POW!
  • How to pick the right angle to write the emails from the comic books
  • How to retell comic book stories to an audience that doesn’t read comic books…Not everyone is into comic books so there is a way to write sales emails with them that gets eve
  • How to sell your product or service using the epic story lines…There are 1001 different versions of Superman, Batman and Thor…all their stories are epic now in this part I discuss how to take advantage of epic comic book stories to drive sales.
  • Good vs. Evil how to use this dynamic to persuade your audience to buy from you
  • Storytelling Borrowing 101: How to legally use someone else’s story to boost your sales in your emails.
  • The human condition, comics and sales…how to use the complex psychological themes in gritty comics to hit the emotional buy points in your prospects.
  • How to write better descriptions…paint a vivid picture in the minds of your prospects and win them over without adding claims or answering objections in your sales emails.
  • How I borrow Comic Book characters and make them do my selling for me in emails
  • The sneaky way to…poop poop on your competition using a comic book story…I probably shouldn’t even tell you about this type ish…
  • The secret method Comic Book Artists and Writers use that gets readers itching to pre-order and wait 3 months for the next issue and how you can use it to write bomb a** emails that fill your pockets
  • What one of the Comic Book industries best writers told me about writing stories that draw people in even if they never read a comic. I used his advice in some of my story selling emails that netted me a cool $3K for a new product
  • Super powered freaks, big busted strong women and mad men…how to use these comic book character tropes to craft sales emails people read and buy from
  • Using the rising dark forces of comic book stories to drive action and build a strong bond with your audience
  • BOOM! ZAAAP! How to take the drama of a Comic Book and bring it to your text based boring looking email without fancy graphics that get your email sent to promotions or spam.
  • Glorify your Villians! The age old comic book writers trick that created Marvel and DCs most memorable and dare say lovable comic villains and how to use it to put salt in the wounds of your market’s pain points
  • Never leave them satisfied …how to create the longing for the next email the same way comic book writers of yesteryear that kept millions of fans begging for the next issue. This will works great for those that have pre-orders, limited in stock items
  • The DOOM! CLANG! KAPOOOW! How to write knockout descriptions that readers feel in their guts and gets rid of their objections and doubts that makes your offers look golden

So if you would like to see how I add a little Kapoww Zaaaam Booom that generates sales and keeps readers excited for the next email.

You will have the opportunity to see Behind the Scenes of Comic Book Week 2019.

I’ll walk you through my thought process. The comics I am using for this years Comic Book Week as well as how to take comics like Hellboy and turn it into a banging sales email.

I’ll go deep into the dirty details of twisting out storylines from these comics into profitable sales emails. 

So deep that you might need a shower after.

But by the time we’re done you’ll be able to grab a comic and turn it into a sales email. If you follow the steps and review my suggestions you will be able to make Marvel, DC or any comic book company help you make money without having to pay them royalties.

They might not be happy about possibly having The Hulk in a sales email selling Male enhancement products but your bank account start to grow like Antman. Keep it up and maybe you might be able to compete with “Mr. Stark or Wayne….” not likely but you can always dream while taking my methods and turning them into sales confirmations in your inbox.

But that’s if you grab your chance now to get Behind The Scenes of Comic Book Week 2019.


There is more!


If you decide to grab this offer before I make snap it away like Thanos did everybody…

You also get:

2 issues of The Weekly Read on E. based on The 50th Law by Robert Greene and 50 Cent in celebration of its 10th anniversary. It’s mindset mixed with bite sized practical application each week that is designed to strengthen your mind so you can overcome the obstacles and use them to grow your business. It’s the toilet reading business and mindset development power stone broken down so you can read it in less than 15 minutes without rolling your eyes, or disintegrating. $12 a month value 

Raw Experience: How I got sponsors last minute for a job fair and how I’m doing it for a podcasts…About 1 year or 2 ago I got roped into getting sponsors for a job fair in The Boogie Down Bronx. Somehow through common sense and some Force powers I convinced 5 companies to donate to and recruit at the last minute at this job fair. I’m using this same approach to grab a sponsor for a podcast network to test my super connector powers. In this raw video I show you what I did and am doing so you can do it too…HINT writing Comic Book Emails to pitch might come in handy… $60

60 min consulting call with ME. This is not for everyone. You want lies and it’s not your fault. I’m not it. Plus since this is rare…an hour consult that not $500 or more…that and this is not going to be available long but we can talk about email marketing, storytelling to make money, strategy to get in front of the right people for your offer, target marketing or about Star Wars. 

$500 value

You get these bonuses along with Behind The Scenes: Comic Book Week 2019 if you grab it by 09/30/2019 11:59 EST.

Right now it is only $125.

Later on when the recordings are released again it will be priced at $175 without the 60 minute consulting call.

If you like to grab all of this before it disappears and the price goes up…



You only got until September 30,2019 11:59 EST before I take this down

When I take this down the price goes up to $175.


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