Why I don’t Teach The Hero’s Journey for Writing Email Sales Copy

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Depending on how long you been on my email list you may have noticed that I have yet to go into the whole Hero’s Journey thing.

This might seem strange to you especially since I have rarely used the term Hero in my emails even the ones that are based on comic books.

Right now I am going to tell you why that is so that you don’t get duped into some B.S that a lot of internet marketers are pushing when it comes to using story and The Hero’s Journey.

First off the Hero’s Journey that they like to talk about is a lot more complex. They only give you the Hollywood version of it. Which is fine until you realize how many flops on the Big and small screen there have been even though everyone is using the same formula.

Two the way I have seen marketers teach it. It is missing some key points which could be critical when it comes to creating over content especially content that sells.

Three The gurus and experts on this in the marketing world all want you and force you into fitting everything little thing into this template. That is another reason why  so many experts and influencers sound the same. Sounding the same as every expert in your field will help ensure you go out of business especially when the next big internet crash comes.

Story is so much more than the Hero’s Journey and you can use it to build your brand and sell a ton more of your stuff if you learn to do it the right way.

Cramming everything you got into this template is not going to help you make more money when the bubble bursts or when your competition get some celebrity/influencer guru endorsements.

Besides why stress yourself out trying to do that when I can show you a better easier way to use story in your emails to make them sell?

You got a list of people that subscribed for one reason or another and I can help you discover ways of tapping into their problems, joys and curiosities using story selling and help you turn them into buyers.

A big claim I know but I got quite a few marketers that have used my ways to make more money in their businesses as well as a few entrepreneurs that were struggling to figure out what to write about to their list until they implemented some of my proven ways.

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