SXSW 2022

Back From SXSW 2022

I am finally home!

This introvert is tired and needs to depeople. If you are like me people are draining and too much of this is not good for your Supreme Leader H. I will be working but on projects that do not require me to be around hundreds of people so I can recharge my batteries. Which is great for you since I took some time to do a little recap of the business doings at SXSW

It was my first time and I got to put my Cold to Sold Methods to good use while I was there with my other 2 partners. You can hear about the results of this by going into the Lauren Hazel app here :


Hopefully the link will act right but if it doesn’t try to bypass the https issue. For the Gods of the internet are not with me.


L.H “Working staff of Stevie the Cat”

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