How The Socially Awkward Introverted Freelancer And Entrepreneur Can Thrive At Events And Conferences: Turning Cold Prospects In To Hot And Sold Leads By The Time They Get Back To Their Hotel Rooms

Dear Friend,

If you been in the online marketing or entrepreneurship space for any amount of time you probably have heard of the few ways to get clients or customers for your business.

You either have to pay for traffic to your offer.

You post endlessly on social media until the Gods of Facebook , Linkedin and Google strike you down.

You get endorsed by someone with a big following and get some referrals.


You go to events and conferences to “Network”…

If you happen to be an introvert and/or also socially awkward with some just enough anxiety and fear that makes asking for someone to pass you the bread difficult…

Then going to events to network is probably more of a disaster waiting to happen than a great way to get more clients, connections and possibly opportunities to work with Influencers or Business owners much higher up than you.

However going to events happens to be the BEST way to generate new business, connections and get profitable partnerships.

But if you happen to be that socially awkward introverted freelancer/entrepreneur than my system of turn cold leads into sold prospects will help you get those clients without the fear, embarrassment or exhaustion of regular networking that keeps you broke and discouraged.

But first let me tell you a story…

A few years ago I went to my first marketing….online marketing event. I’d spent my money on hotels and travel…plus food cause a Girl has to eat. Also that not cheap event ticket that is supposed to pay for itself because going to events will instantly get you clients was greatly pointed  in the marketing. So here I was at this event where I knew no one.

I had no connections in this space.

I’m new to this world outside of my own marketing and selling I did for my own stuff.

On top of that I’m a newly turned marketing consultant/copywriter looking for my first few clients in a place that is crowded with people that have years more experience than me.

Being the only Black Female at this event didn’t help matters especially since I’m that Nerdy Black Girl and full on Introvert. The whole situation started looking more and more like an episode of Awkward Black Girl without the multi million dollar HBO contract waiting for me after the event because their were plenty of cameras around.

Before figuring out how to get through this day of torture. Some random guy bumps into me. He was the too happy. I want to kiss the world and talk you to death person that every introvert avoids like the 7 plagues of Egypt but God was not with me on that day to help. By the time I got through his endless 40 something minutes of blab. I was too exhausted to want to really network with anyone.

Plus I might have said something about “Batman being overrated.” to some poor soul that mentioned Batman vs. Superman in the comics.

Of course this is something you should never do at a business event if the goal is the work with the person you are talking to. (Especially if they are a big Batman fan.)

However I was not at this event to argue about comics but to find some lead for my new business and to get connections for possible future work and so far it was not going well. I was tired and there were so many people.

It wasn’t too long before I was leaving the event and going back to my room. No energy, mixed with few awkward conversations later and I was in my bed disappointed on how the day went.

Not one good connection or lead.

It went like this for next 2 days of the events and I went home without one lead or viable connection for my new marketing  consulting business and a wasted trip.

But I learned one important lesson. I can’t do this crap every event if I want clients or connections that lead to partnerships. So I took another approach to “Networking” mixing in some old training from my college get a corporate job years with some trial and error lessons from my experiences.

After 10 years of piecing it all together I’ve developed a system that works for the nerdy, socially awkward introverts like myself that need to get clients.

Stephanie Arroyo of Biz Typology ™  has witnessed some of my skills which she says “That was the smoothest shit I’ve ever seen. You need to sell this.”

That was after witnessing me turn a cold lead hot at NYC Second largest Comic Book store on busy Saturday Afternoon.

We came in to grab some comics and I mentioned how one comic was hot stuff right now on the market. If they had some Facebook Ads running the store could have had hundreds of new customers from New York Comic Con in the store buying everything.

It took my less than 5 minutes of conversation judo for me to get a hot lead plus a nice bag from the store owner.

A complete turn around from what happened when I went to my first business events years before.

All this the result of years of trial and error coming together to create my system of turn Cold prospects into Hot Leads to great clients.

So now I have decided to share my system and what I know with you. If you choose to invest in turning your next networking event or conference into a hot bend of leads and potential partnerships that put money in your bank account.

Because in this Program You’ll Discover:

  • How to start conversation that disarms your prospects natural defenses – This is the key to turning cold leads into hot buyers
  • How to conserve your energy at crowded events or conferences
  • I’ll reveal the 3 things you should never ever do when you first get to an event – If you do any of these things you can kiss your reputation and possible leads/connections goodbye
  • What to do when you don’t know anyone at the conference or event you are attending – This will help you push through the fear and anxiety that you feel when you get there that prevents you from making connections.
  • How to use the hardcore in your face sales people at events to make you look so cool that influencers and Speakers want to hang out with you
  • Why you shouldn’t bring business cards to any networking event or conference. This is what you should do instead…
  • How to end conversation smoothly – Not knowing this will ruin you chances of connecting later and plus it will hurt your opportunities to increase your leads
  • What to do when your energy is low from connecting… not doing this will burn you out before the conference is over.
  • How to handle yourself when you meet your idol, a big influencer you admire or a celeb at events – My secret to staying cool is revealed…)
  • Why telling people at events what you do first is as sure way to kill any potential leads and how to handle the big stick contest..
  • Discover the side door method of getting close to influencers and speakers at big events. I use this at Google headquarters in New York to meet the head of Global Google Talks and to meet the CEO of Birchbox.
  • The Lazy Introvert’s Guide to following up – How I follow up after events and close deals without coming off as a complete Nerdy Nut. This is the key to getting a positive ROI on your event.
  • How not to get sucked into uncomfortable and non – profitable conversations at events, This happens more often than you think and I will reveal how to get out of them fast.
  • How to use your social awkwardness as an ice breaker without annoying or scaring a possible prospect or connection away.
  • How to create a pre-game plan before your next event or conference, get leads and not embarrass yourself in front of heavy hitters and high rollers.
  • The technique I use to get people I just met to introduce me to the Who’s Who of the industry
  • How to use pop culture to break the ice and create the know like and trust factor that lands you big clients – This is how I landed a project with PayPal, McDonald’s and Bank of America
  • Calm yourself mindset-my special method of getting over your anxiety and fear that helps you gain instant confidence before you enter the room – This shift will make the difference in how others interact with you and approach you

So what does this mean…

Even though getting 1 lead from a conference could mean a highly paying 4 figure a month plus client and getting connections that could more than triple your income.

As this is the Beta version of this live training program. I think that charging $599 minimum would be fair if you went to your next event and landed 1 new client playing you $2K a month as a retainer.

However since this is the first time something like this is being launched tailored to the introvert and socially awkward freelancer /entrepreneur that wants to go into their next conference/event and leave with leads.

The program for this round will only require an investment of $189 for the 4 weeks of live training.

As a bonus for joining in this first launch for Cold to Sold…

You will get 2 Q&A calls where you will get the chance to ask questions and get more personalized help. As well as hot seats to prep you for your next upcoming event.

As an additional Bonus I am also including my simple follow up system for keeping in contact with leads and converting them into customers.

Most people that go to events and do make connections let them go cold and then lose the opportunity for a new client or partnership.

If you decide to join this program I will show you my “Lazy proof” system of keeping in touch and moving the conversation forward.

I charge my private clients $600 an hour for personal 1 on 1 time with me for consulting. However with Cold to Sold you will get access to over 6 hours of consulting time with me for a fraction of the cost.

To break it down:

4 weeks of 1 hour long calls a week ($2,400 value)

2 additional Q&A and hot seat Calls ($1,200 value)

My simple follow up system for after the event ($500 value)

Some Simple scripts to use to start and end conversations ($250 value)

So in total if you decide to join you will get $4350 of value for the investment of only $189 today.

What’s the catch?

There are no refunds.

As you might agree, time is precious and with the time commit I will make to you. Sharing my techniques for networking and generating leads at events as well as my scripts and follow up system. I can not get my time back and I can only help those that are truly committed improving how they get clients or partnerships at events.

If you are not sure that you can invest the money because money is tight or you don’t want to go and get clients or make partnership deals.

Then do not buy this product.

I only work with those that want to have a prove way of getting clients at events and who are willing to put in some work in themselves and their business.

If this is not you…that’s okay.

No everyone is built for success or growth it takes to build a business with a profitable network to keep you working for yourself or adding additional income.

But if  are an introvert/social awkward Freelancer or entrepreneur that wants to:

  • Build more connects for partnerships
  • Get more high paying clients
  • Build more influence and get invited to exclusive events
  • Use your awkwardness or introversion as a way to get people chasing you
  • Add another way of securing your income without paid advertising or social media posts

Then click the link below to join me. The program official starts in March.

Buy it at the link below:

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