Fear Marketing

Not too long ago, I spoke to another freelance writer that works with women based in NYC and she told me that her clients hated using fear tactics to sell their programs.
It was the one thing that made her as a potential vendor stand out because she doesn’t write using triggers of fear that is very popular in certain industries.
I found this interesting and I knew it to be true because way back when I got into the online business world I noticed a lot of women seem to be opposed to using fear triggers to sell and market their businesses although their markets buy based on some of those same fear tactics.
The use of fear for some reason seems to turn off lots of lady entrepreneurs but they themselves buy because of it everyday.
Their chosen target markets have bought from their competitors because of marketing that triggered their fears so why not learn to use them?
Perhaps its a moral thing or they are afraid of being seen a spammy by their audience that doesn’t quite know that they exist.
Whatever the reason….it can not be denied that fear works.
We all respond to it and buy because of it and when used correctly within a story it can make you very memorable.
Thing is folks when they use fear in their ads sometimes over do it. I will admit that I have seen some really over dong fear based campaigns.
You really need to know when to go all in and over the top and when to slow it down.
That’s way I will be talking about fear and how to use it in your marketing in Marketing Storytellers Monthly.
That way my Acolytes will know when and how to use it to get the most bang out that marketing campaign spend.
You can learn how to use it too by Joining Marketing Storytellers Monthly the next time it is open for new subscribers.
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