How to profit from the mistakes of Yoda



Long ago in my mind not so far away….

Let’s talk Master Yoda of the Jedi order.
See lately I been seen a lot of Yoda reference emails with the ‘Do or do not…”
It’s probably one of the most recognizable quotes in the original trilogy.
For some reason a lot of copywriters have decided that they should explain what they do or the product they are selling with that quote as a way to show off their storytelling skills.
Now I could just as easily make this a ‘Do or do not’ into a ‘Buy or buy not’ thing or twist it into something else a lot more creative but I’m going to show you a better way of using old Grand Master Yoda in story.
Just give you a few possible openings that you could use…
Now for a bit of Star Wars history….Yoda was the Grand Master of the Jedi Order before it was destroyed.
Yup the little green guy was essentially the head honcho of the order back in its existence way before he started training Luke Skywalker.
Now if you watched the prequels you know that there was something called the Jedi Council and they made the major decisions of what they Jedi did and who got trained.
And our good do and do not friend made some big boo boos while grand master which is one of the main reasons he decided to hide all of those years while Jedi were and yes years after initial Order 66 that made the army kill the Jedi…Jedi were still being hunted and killed.
Hint : Yoda did nothing but hide and not once did he try to find a Jedi or two to help hide…Stand up guy…but I know his reasons…Star Wars Fan here but….here are some little know facts and story email giveaways…..
  1. He made up the Jedi Council of most of his former students.—Now as you can see this might lead to problems since most of the council…the folks making the decisions is made up of folks he trained personally so they are not likely to disagree with you.
  2. He struck down any idea or notion of changing some of the Jedi rules. Yoda was not a very flexible guy. Before he became grand master years before Jedi could get married and some during the time we know of little Annie Skywalker the notion had come up again but Master Yoda struck it down.
  3. He on more than one occasion has let a Jedi or few figure out how to free themselves when they failed missions or were captured aka he left them hanging. This resulted in other Jedi attempting to save their friends and later turning to the dark side. See Yoda figured that it was better to let some Jedi die then risk sending others in after them even when it was the council’s bad decision making that let to the situation in the first place….That why Obi-Wan looked surprised when the Jedi showed up to save them in the area in the second prequels.

Still think Master Yoda is the ……well….he’s not all bad but look 3 points could easily turn into 3 separate story based emails for just about any business to use.

Yet copywriters want to limit themselves to the easiest way out. These story experts….using the same trick in one week.
That’s what made it annoying and funny. I thought it was a joke to get 4 emails quoting Yoda.
It wasn’t and I wouldn’t like the same thing to happen to you when you start using story to engage your audience.
Because I know you think you’re special but you’re not and most of your audience is probably following your competitor and others in your niche so if everyone is writing about Yoda’s do or do not….whose gonna win the sale?
I’ll let you think on that.

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