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(Keep in mind I am a nerd so Star Wars, Marvel and fantasy will heavily influence these emails you get from me.)

My name is Lauren Hazel and I am the Marketing Sales Nerd that uses pop culture to market and sell so my clients can continue to get the bag. Over the years I have taught freelance copywriters how to use story to sell in their emails and have consulted some of the Big Boys in Entertainment such as Marvel and Valiant Comics. If you join my email list you will get access to my mobile app as well as my emails where I talk about sales and building businesses that let you do what you want. You can follow my me as a I build my side projects into the business that will retire me.

  • Learn how to sell your services/products…I’m sure you are tired of buying more how to write copy courses and traffic course that give you 30 minutes of “sales” training.
  • Learn how to use popular tv shows and movies to build your brand and sell more…If you learn how to do this you will have a much easier time writing copy instead of spending hours banging you head against the wall. How about you just watch a movie instead and then get to writing?
  • Learn how to build side businesses to help you retire from being the freelancer you didn’t really want to be…Be honest…did you really want to be a freelancer? What happens when you get sick or you don’t want to do it anymore? Let me show you how I’m getting out the game so you can do it too.
  • Learn how to use your awkward, anxious, nerdy personality into a magnet for clients and referral partners…What would it be like if you could open your email and find that you got two gigs sent to you by other people who work with your ideal client? Let me show you about how me being the Black Nerd has gotten me referral clients from Big entertainment companies to Insurance companies by leaning into what I love…Star Wars and A Game of Thrones

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I write about my experiences building businesses and writing story selling emails for clients I cold closed from live events.  As well as my passion projects in the Nerdom world of science fiction and fantasy.

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