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If you ever wanted a Black South Bronx Hip Hop Star Wars Nerd View of Business and Marketing For Less than Amazon Prime/Disney Plus/Spotify/Netflix/Hulu’s Super Mutant baby then this is your chance…

What’s up?

My name is Lauren Hazel but you may know me as Supreme Leader H. The Empress of this here part of the internets. The South Bronx Nerd and your favorite Cold to Sold getting clients at events mentor. 

Not too long ago, I was having dinner with the one and only Stefanie Arroyo of Biztypyology. After our usual B.Sing about crystal panty people and her Villainous Momma. We started chopping it about the Business of Lauren and how I should share more of my adventures, wisdom, Black Culture Nerd and street advice with the world. The world that I love to observe from the “safety” of my Bronx home where the famous Joker steps can be found as well as flying bullets, Drug dealers, Crack Hoes and the best chopped cheese AND Pizza on the Planet.

“You should share this!” Stefanie has told me many times after my recounting of how I convinced an event organizer to pay for my hotel and travel to an exclusive Esports Business event a few months ago. 

Stories like that and how even the most clueless beginner entrepreneur could leverage air to get access to exclusive events or get high profile contacts that want to connect and work with you as I did with my other brand Black Nerd Swag. 

Or the story of how I convinced Valiant Comics to give me access to  and promote Black Nerd Swag to their audience of 100’s of thousands of rabid reads and buyers.

Something that industry folks with 20 years of experience, and credits have tried for years to get access to but could not figure out how a no name out of the Bronx did it with an email and a phone call. For some reason Stefanie thinks I should share these adventures that I usually only share in detail with her on our Manhattan outings for food.

So I have finally been convinced that some of these adventures and wisdom should be shared with you. So that you could avoid some of my stupid mistakes and take advantage of some of my wins and how I got them.

Alas my mad scientist mind…

Will not be yours to watch and listen.

My random or not so random thoughts and never before released content that showcases Marketing, Mindset, Business and some of my random projects and experiences all in one place.

For example:

I get invited to and go to these exclusive Big Brand and Startup events in NYC. I often will record the event or do a video or audio on my experience as well as my takeaways. Thing is I rarely share any of this content so it’s sitting in my storage doing nobody good.

That’s not cool…

Cause I’m a teacher at heart and what good is it that I know something about chatbots that could help you get more clients. Not just those mom and pop shop or marketing bro clients but brands with big wallets.

If I’m not going to share it?

Because unless you go to those kinds of events or get invites to go to the ones in NYC. You’ll never know what’s happening.

Until now…

The vaults will open to you and also the deep dark recesses of the mind of Supreme Leader H. The Empress of Hustle and Boogie Down Bronx Mad Business Scientist…

Run Run far away unless you want to take a dive into the World of Lauren. In Lauren’s World respectability politics are nil…

Race for profit is glorified

Capitalism gets a seat at the table.

Love reins supreme just as long as you “take a knee” before the seat of…

Aight just playing.

Basically I’m gonna say things as my mind goes from place to place on how one could use to grow or start their business in the realm of marketing, mindset, sales and building profitable business relationships.

Side Hustles are my loves so you’ll get a first listen to things I’m doing and how I’m doing it. My perspective on building brands as well as a look at how I’m building the brand of Black Nerd Swag.

Trigger Warning!

In these videos, audios into my Crazy Genius…things will not always be PC. I will speak in terms of ideas on how to make money targeting correctly, sell more or how something could be used to damage your brand so that means having adult conversations.

If you are too weak willed at listening to adult Big Boy and Girl Business Conversations then this is not for you.

If LBGTIABCDEF and BLACK,WHITE,PURPLE, GRAY,SILVER and GOLD …fat, short, six fingered People offend you then don’t get this…

Cause the knowledge I’m dropping would help you better build your brand and make money by understanding certain things that I discuss in Lauren’s World posts.

If you can’t laugh or have a sense of humor about things… Don’t get this…I often laugh at myself and I’m Black and a Nerd and like Rap and the business of Hip Hop and like Dave Chapelle so…

(Side Note: probably take this out but it was sure fun to write LOL)

Yeah I’m from the GHETTO and I am no wimp unlike some of our too old for that leather jacket and please someone turn off their mic. Trying to relive the good old days of Rock when their parents called it trash. 

Ungrateful Marketing Bros… that think they are oppressed because their parents gave them a privileged life where they didn’t have to heat their homes with the kitchen stove or duck bullets and swinging metal baseball bats.

Or White SJW women that give us everything that no one asked for or wanted but are quick to play victim when called out on BS on Metoo, crystal panties, their drug habits and their idiots Beta Males that defend them but bitch about them in the next tweet.

Now if you got through all of that and did not catch my humor or chuckle internally.

Maybe Lauren’s World is not for you so think carefully.

Because if you can’t get past a curse or 10, some Rap references, stand up comic shows that are actually funny and not Marketers trying to be comedians and/or the business of money….

Or Gun shots…

Yeah I record these things while I’m out and about most of the time so there had been a recording or two or 5 where some shootings were taking place or some slashings so yeah…

I do live in the Boogie Down Bronx and sometimes Shit just pop off in NYC.

So if any of those things bother you…This is not for you and most importantly I do not want you apart of it.

This is for people of a certain amount of intelligence, ambition and grit.

You just may not be one of them.

That’s ok because God does not us bless all the same or some at all but we’ll keep that between us. Go find your muse because this one is gonna hit you in the wrong way.

But for those that don’t mind and crave

  •  Entertaining commentary, experience and advice on matters relating to business and marketing in today’s crazy world. 
  • That would love to know how I pick the right stories to tell the right people to persuade them to give No Name brands like Black Nerd Swag a shot.
  • Get a peep inside the world of marketing agencies and business in niches like Soda, Toys and advertising. 
  • How to test out your new side hustle or business idea in the next 10 days without spending money on Paid advertising and maybe nabbing your first customer in the process
  • Discover how to use Twitter to find influencers and build a relationship with them to get them to speak your your events or podcasts
  • Special guest Stevie the Cat and how to leverage your pet to grab in person meetings with busy VP’s of companies like I did to get Black Nerd Swag a meeting with ReedPop the producers of New York and San Diego Comic Con
  • Why Pop culture is the best according to  Gene Schwartz aka how I used that $20 training I bought from Ben Settle and Michael Senoff to find more ideas to profit from and stay on the pulse of a buying audience
  • Some insider tips on getting your offer out into the market Fast and Furious Style…a lot of things your Gurus would not agree with but it works well if done right
  • The Baby Shark song phenomena and what you can take from it to start building your brand in a similar way…and you don’t have write a catchy song to do it
  • Plus the street mixed nerd style in which I operate that makes me stand out from the rest of our beloved Marketing bros and SJW White Goddess of the Earth that wear crystal panties…unless you like listen to a bunch of boring White guys all day…

(Why do these White SJW Coaches wear Crystal panties? I don’t know but maybe our special guest and I will find out on Special Episodes of Lauren’s World)


Then this is what you get when you Join Lauren’s World today.

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  • Access to recorded events that talk about things like chatbots, influencer marketing, marketing to niche demos and some of my other adventures I got to record when I’m out and about in Big Brand Agency NYC


  • You get a copy of my new ebook The Simple Setup: A simple way to use story to sell you stuff  $20 value
  • A copy of my Built to Sell Summary by Jon Warrillow: I am modeling one of my businesses by this to sell in a few years
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  • 20 Email Ideas use can use right now…Just the thing you need to get your sales email writing juices going

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