New in Email this week: Don’t be like him…Rogue Lawyer

Rogue lawyer
Rogue lawyer

Hey Folks,

So this week I am going to do my best to not write a Star Wars inspired email…although there is so much you can learn from that franchise.

I will not write one this week …about that.

Because I’m changing it up a bit and apparently my emails have convinced some of you that you need to go see the prequels.

So before I get a bunch of emails about how bad the prequels were let me take little break… for this week.

Now as you should know I’m a big reader and this week I am reading something a little different from my normal sci-fi/fantasy.

I’m reading a book by John Grisham.

Maybe you know the name but this is my time reading any of his books.

This is a newish one called Rogue Lawyer and I’m about half way through it and let me tell you soo many little take aways from this fiction read.

Now I’m not going to spoil the story completely because maybe one of you is reading it or will be reading it so I’ll talk a little about one of the adventures that our rogue lawyer goes on.

So this lawyer is really bad ass and lives a crazy life and work life. (Remember I am not trying to spoil this for you.)

He takes on these almost impossible cases and does his best for his clients even if it means him doing something crazy or playing dirty.

Well in one such case his defendant is innocent of the crime of rape and murder but the guy is a straight weirdo.

Either way the guy didn’t do the crime but the whole town thinks he did and the police want him even though they didn’t really investigate anything.

They crazy lawyer has to go through the whole case trying to prove the client didn’t do it.
So not to go into too many details he did a lot….and this s just the first of many cases the book shows us about this crazy dedicated lawyer.

Think about this for a sec… many other folks do you see online that claim and defend to the death that their product is the best and the only way to do something?
How many gurus got folks hypnotized in to thinking they are they truth and the light of business and marketing online?

Now here you come…knowing another way…may be even a better way and now you out there fighting tooth and nail to convince those entranced folks that you can help them better….

Hard work isn’t it?

I know its frustrating as all hell and that is why I don’t bother to go after the entranced crowd.

It’s fun reading about lawyers like the one in the book but I don’t want potentials leads like the folks in that town…hypnotized by the police and how they painted this weird guy to be a rapist and child killer.


I rather go after people that are more open and not falling in the hype of the guru train.
Maybe you should consider going my way too.

Just a thought.

Oh by the way folks I’m writing a book.

Yes a book called The STDs of Story and I decided to document my process in my little Facebook group…

If you would like to join and get some good business advice and tips on writing your own authority book



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