The Biggest Piece of Leverage You Have

By Lauren Hazel

The Biggest piece of leverage you have as an entrepreneur is your story.

It’s something that is unique to you and your personal brand and what could turn your business into an empire if used correctly. It’s unfortunate that so many entrepreneurs struggle with figuring out their story and using it to build their brand and grow their business by attracting new customers and creating repeat buyers. Chasing after leads and hoping that their product or service will persuade them enough to buy is the wrong way to go about building a business and having it out last your competition. You need more than sales tactics and complex marketing funnels if you intend to have a business that will get your market to choose you over the many other choices that they have.

There are many choices for your market to choose from. Don’t think that your business is so special and that your market only has you.

They always have choice and you just want to make sure as much as possible that you are the right choice for them if they are your ideal customer/client avatar.

You can’t think to grow your business and thrive in your market if you don’t have a Brand Story.
It doesn’t work especially if you are using social media to promote and engage with your prospects.

If you want your market to be interested in you then you have to become interesting to them. You have to be able to create some sort of connection to them and you, your company and then your products or services.

There is no way around it now.

If you intend on growing your business to 6 figures and beyond then you need to get your story straight and learn how to tell that story to your audience.

No exceptions.

The longer you wait to use story in marketing your business could spell danger down the line as your competitors are already started to craft narratives around their business and what they have to offer to your shared audiences.

Your competitor is already forming the connection between themselves and your leads and they are winning them over while you continue to not use the biggest leverage you have.

Your Story.

Storytelling is a skill that few a good enough to use to help them grow their brand and business. Some companies are lucky enough to have creative marketing departments that do all the heavy lifting for them so all they have to do is allocate enough money in their budget to promote that story to their audience.

This may not be you. In fact, most small businesses do not the luxury of having an in house creative marketing team to do this for them. You might be the only one that handles  your marketing for your business and you already wear many hats and now you’re losing ground because your competition knows how to leverage story in their favor especially on social media apps like Instagram.

That’s why I created the Business Story Checklist so small businesses like yours don’t have struggle with finding your story and using it to grow your business.

I made the steps simple so even if you are personal the worst storytellers in the world. You can follow along and create a story that you can use in your marketing to connect with your audience and move them over from leads to customers.

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Fear Marketing

Not too long ago, I spoke to another freelance writer that works with women based in NYC and she told me that her clients hated using fear tactics to sell their programs.
It was the one thing that made her as a potential vendor stand out because she doesn’t write using triggers of fear that is very popular in certain industries.
I found this interesting and I knew it to be true because way back when I got into the online business world I noticed a lot of women seem to be opposed to using fear triggers to sell and market their businesses although their markets buy based on some of those same fear tactics.
The use of fear for some reason seems to turn off lots of lady entrepreneurs but they themselves buy because of it everyday.
Their chosen target markets have bought from their competitors because of marketing that triggered their fears so why not learn to use them?
Perhaps its a moral thing or they are afraid of being seen a spammy by their audience that doesn’t quite know that they exist.
Whatever the reason….it can not be denied that fear works.
We all respond to it and buy because of it and when used correctly within a story it can make you very memorable.
Thing is folks when they use fear in their ads sometimes over do it. I will admit that I have seen some really over dong fear based campaigns.
You really need to know when to go all in and over the top and when to slow it down.
That’s way I will be talking about fear and how to use it in your marketing in Marketing Storytellers Monthly.
That way my Acolytes will know when and how to use it to get the most bang out that marketing campaign spend.
You can learn how to use it too by Joining Marketing Storytellers Monthly the next time it is open for new subscribers.
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Dishonored Storytelling


Hey Folks,
It’s that time again.
I’ve reserved my copy of a video game that I very much excited about getting as soon as possible so I can once again block out the world of Facebook and stupid people.
Cause I’m bit of a gamer and two you have to put yourself away from social media and the people that occupy it to enjoy stories in other medias like gaming.
No sure if any of you are gamers but over the decades gaming has grown bigger and bigger and has some of the best most advanced storylines I’ve ever seen in media that is not a tv show or movie.
You could learn a bit about telling good stories and how important it is for game developers to have them when they create them.
For me in a few days Dishonored 2 will have my complete attention for atleast a few hours as I play for fun and to see if I would improve my lack of game credit once again.
But I wonder if you know that Dishonored the first game was only released on Xbox 360 as a test run with the story and game play before it got its all platform launch this time around?
The makers of Dishonored spent millions of dollars testing out the the first game a few years ago and brought it back to be launched on all gaming systems only after they got good reviews based on the game play and story because now a days you can’t really have a hit game without some kind of story line.
Just something to think about as you work with your clients or on your own products.
Until next time….
The Story Brand Strategist

Want more Hot Leads? Learn these 4 Benefits of Story


This was created for Folks in Espresso With Dan but I am posting it here for you to enjoy as well.

I usually only share this type of information with my email list or with special groups like EWD but I thought it was especially important to share it with you.

Read and Do well.

-Lauren The Story Brand Strategist

The Benefits of using story in your marketing are huge but the wrong story could be costly.
Now a days it seems like every guru and expert under the sun is on this story binge and rightfully so. Storytelling is great way to connect with your audience and keep their attention long enough for you to show your value and then convert them into paying customers.
If you are not using story in your marketing then you are really missing out because the benefits of story are huge such as

1. You get to show off your personality.

People want to connect with people they like. They want to and are willing to buy from people and companies they like. Especially now that folk out there have so much choice in who they decide to follow and buy from. Storytelling allows you to show that you are the best and possibly only choice that aligns with their beliefs and needs. They are looking for someone to plug into and storytelling gives them the chance for you to show why they should plug into you.

2. You stand out from all the noise.

The market is crowded with folks that decided that they are entrepreneurs that can sell anything. Some of these noise makers have connections to bigger players that they use to be louder in a already crowed and loud market place. Others buy ads and use social media to be not only loud but obnoxious. It’s loud out there and a lot of folks are sounding and looking the same. Using story in your marketing will allow you to set yourself apart in a way that your audience will appreciate and by appreciate I mean they become followers and buyers.

3. Emotional connection

If you don’t know people buy on emotions. The emotional connection between your business and its offering is what makes people buy from you. Storytelling allows you to easily tap into this soft core of your audience so that you can begin to convince them that they need what you have to offer and further move them towards buying through the benefits of your offering.

4. It has them hooked.

Stories are the most humanly natural way to get people hooked on you and what you have to offer. Think about it….Star Wars is a multi billion dollar franchise that works so well that they have at least 6 more movies planned. Even after it took over a decade for the next movie to be made. This comes after the lack luster review of the prequels yet still they are able to create cartoons, write books, toys and a whole bunch of other merchandise that sells millions of dollars every year. A story so power it created a fandom….of ready to buy geeks and nerds for generations that keep coming back and demanding more. If that is not a testament to how powerful story is and why you would be a fool not to use it in your business then I don’t know what is.

However…while storytelling does have these benefits and could help you grow your business. It doesn’t mean that any story will work. It needs to be focused not on you but on THEM…your audience.

Most importantly your story has to have purpose. Your message has to be clear as to who your message is for in order to justify the use of the story.

When I talk to folks that need help working out their story. I focus on three things first.

  1. What they do or what their business is?

  2. Who their target market is?
  3. What is their message and offer?

When these three things are in sync then the marketing for that business will start to attract more qualified leads that can be more easily converted to customers.

Unfortunately, many businesses especially small businesses are missing the mark when it comes to having those three things working together. They spent money on marketing that doesn’t and will never work because the 3 main focus points that lead to a successful marketing promotion are missing.

On top of that they are not using storytelling to help glue those things together and hook their prospects.

So instead of investing their Marketing dollars wisely they are wasting them.

If you think that your marketing isn’t doing as well as it should or maybe it’s not working at all. Then its time for a change but first you need to know exactly where you are going wrong before you invest thousands more in pushing Facebook Ad or Email Marketing campaigns.

You need to have your Marketing Analysis done. A full report on your email marketing and/or your Facebook Ads will help you know what changes need to be made to set your business development efforts on track. It is no enough to know that something is wrong. You need to know exactly what is wrong and where the changes need to be made so you can generate more leads and turn them into paying customers.

If you would like to have me to perform a Marketing Analysis on your Facebook Ads or Email Marketing campaign then Click here to schedule an appointment with me to chat about your current situation.




New in Email this week: Don’t be like him…Rogue Lawyer

Rogue lawyer
Rogue lawyer

Hey Folks,

So this week I am going to do my best to not write a Star Wars inspired email…although there is so much you can learn from that franchise.

I will not write one this week …about that.

Because I’m changing it up a bit and apparently my emails have convinced some of you that you need to go see the prequels.

So before I get a bunch of emails about how bad the prequels were let me take little break… for this week.

Now as you should know I’m a big reader and this week I am reading something a little different from my normal sci-fi/fantasy.

I’m reading a book by John Grisham.

Maybe you know the name but this is my time reading any of his books.

This is a newish one called Rogue Lawyer and I’m about half way through it and let me tell you soo many little take aways from this fiction read.

Now I’m not going to spoil the story completely because maybe one of you is reading it or will be reading it so I’ll talk a little about one of the adventures that our rogue lawyer goes on.

So this lawyer is really bad ass and lives a crazy life and work life. (Remember I am not trying to spoil this for you.)

He takes on these almost impossible cases and does his best for his clients even if it means him doing something crazy or playing dirty.

Well in one such case his defendant is innocent of the crime of rape and murder but the guy is a straight weirdo.

Either way the guy didn’t do the crime but the whole town thinks he did and the police want him even though they didn’t really investigate anything.

They crazy lawyer has to go through the whole case trying to prove the client didn’t do it.
So not to go into too many details he did a lot….and this s just the first of many cases the book shows us about this crazy dedicated lawyer.

Think about this for a sec… many other folks do you see online that claim and defend to the death that their product is the best and the only way to do something?
How many gurus got folks hypnotized in to thinking they are they truth and the light of business and marketing online?

Now here you come…knowing another way…may be even a better way and now you out there fighting tooth and nail to convince those entranced folks that you can help them better….

Hard work isn’t it?

I know its frustrating as all hell and that is why I don’t bother to go after the entranced crowd.

It’s fun reading about lawyers like the one in the book but I don’t want potentials leads like the folks in that town…hypnotized by the police and how they painted this weird guy to be a rapist and child killer.


I rather go after people that are more open and not falling in the hype of the guru train.
Maybe you should consider going my way too.

Just a thought.

Oh by the way folks I’m writing a book.

Yes a book called The STDs of Story and I decided to document my process in my little Facebook group…

If you would like to join and get some good business advice and tips on writing your own authority book



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