Marketing lessons from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story



This message here has almost nothing to do with your business per say but has everything to so with marketing and fixing your screws ups before a big launch in which all other products you are planning on creating rest.

Rogue One—-A Star Wars Story hitting theaters in December.

Has the world and future of all other Star Wars spin off movies on its shoulders.

I understand that some of you may not be into Sci-fi or Star Wars like me but there is a live action marketing plan going on right before you with Lucasfilms with this franchise and I would be a cruel mistress not to bring it to your attention.

First off, I am going into this assuming that you all have watched or at least are familiar with Stars Wars in some shape or form.

You don’t have to be a fan like me who has a great interest in the story and expanded universe that it has created but you should be a student of how Lucasfilms and Disney( They own this.) handles this iconic franchise.

Movies cost a lot of money to make and a lot of money to market before and after the release plus the payments don’t stop there.

You see….Actors in these films get paid royalties.

Yes….that’s one of the main reasons you see some actors always working in films even if they aren’t big stars they get those royalty checks for years….not forever but for years and the better the movie does the bigger the check and longer it will last.

But back to Rogue One which will be in theaters in December.

Last year in December…..

Star Wars: The Force Awakens entered Theaters and did its thang.

It was the official we’re back of The Star Wars Franchise hitting the big screen in a big way.

Marketing that movie was much easier than Rogue One and here’s way….

Rogue One is the story about how the Resistance….the folks Princess Leia was apart of and one of its leaders got the plans for the Death Star that they destroyed in the first movie in the original Trilogy.

It was announced that Rogue One would hit theater next December and most of the Star Wars Fan base was not very hopeful, or enthused by this movie announcement.

One: Over the years before Disney bought Lucasfilms there was already lost of material in the form of books and comics expanding the Star Wars universe. Most of which is now referred to as legend because Disney threw most of it out or modified it once they bought Lucasfilms

Two: We already knew who stole the plans for the Death Star and it was Luke’s childhood friend who became a pilot( hint : we met this guy briefly in Star Wars)

As you can see the story has been changed and a new character : A lady is the one who has apparently or will in the film steal the plans…

The Fan base was not very interested especially when it was announced that there would be no Jedi in the movie although there were still a few Jedi around who were in hiding besides Obi-Wan and Yoda….but that’s another story…. so Lucasfilms Disney had to go into overdrive to get the core fan base excited for this movie somehow and do it fast before Star Wars Celebration in July.

So…..they released the first trailer.

It picked things up in the forums and got folks interested….

but it still wasn’t quite enough until they announced that Vader was going to be in it.

The fans went wild.

Would we finally get to see Vader in action? The extremely mobile and destructive Vader that we were shown in the comic books that did so much damage?

They had successfully sparked the rumor mill and it has been going strong still although now after some actor slip ups and the release of magazine articles and the new trailer has sparked other theories.

I think it’s safe to say that Rogue One is looking like it might be a hit.

Now you might be thinking what lessons have can I learn from this?

My business is a one man/woman show. I don’t have millions of dollars or marketing team or a well known franchise.

I know but here’s the first thing this should teach you…

Lesson 1: Build up your fan base or in your case your audience. Your audience should be large enough to support you running your business.

Lucasfilms over the years has taken the time to continue to build up its fan base

Lesson 2: Get your audience excited about the launch of your new product/service. If they are not interested or excited about it. You’re in trouble.

Learning those two lessons and then going out there and doing what you need to do will help you create a successful business.

Interesting what you can learn by being a fan and a marketing storyteller such as I.

I got something brewing…..something to will allow me help you fast track your business growth….

More on that later but if you need me to help you figure out what your business story is.

I’m just an email away.

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How to profit from the mistakes of Yoda



Long ago in my mind not so far away….

Let’s talk Master Yoda of the Jedi order.
See lately I been seen a lot of Yoda reference emails with the ‘Do or do not…”
It’s probably one of the most recognizable quotes in the original trilogy.
For some reason a lot of copywriters have decided that they should explain what they do or the product they are selling with that quote as a way to show off their storytelling skills.
Now I could just as easily make this a ‘Do or do not’ into a ‘Buy or buy not’ thing or twist it into something else a lot more creative but I’m going to show you a better way of using old Grand Master Yoda in story.
Just give you a few possible openings that you could use…
Now for a bit of Star Wars history….Yoda was the Grand Master of the Jedi Order before it was destroyed.
Yup the little green guy was essentially the head honcho of the order back in its existence way before he started training Luke Skywalker.
Now if you watched the prequels you know that there was something called the Jedi Council and they made the major decisions of what they Jedi did and who got trained.
And our good do and do not friend made some big boo boos while grand master which is one of the main reasons he decided to hide all of those years while Jedi were and yes years after initial Order 66 that made the army kill the Jedi…Jedi were still being hunted and killed.
Hint : Yoda did nothing but hide and not once did he try to find a Jedi or two to help hide…Stand up guy…but I know his reasons…Star Wars Fan here but….here are some little know facts and story email giveaways…..
  1. He made up the Jedi Council of most of his former students.—Now as you can see this might lead to problems since most of the council…the folks making the decisions is made up of folks he trained personally so they are not likely to disagree with you.
  2. He struck down any idea or notion of changing some of the Jedi rules. Yoda was not a very flexible guy. Before he became grand master years before Jedi could get married and some during the time we know of little Annie Skywalker the notion had come up again but Master Yoda struck it down.
  3. He on more than one occasion has let a Jedi or few figure out how to free themselves when they failed missions or were captured aka he left them hanging. This resulted in other Jedi attempting to save their friends and later turning to the dark side. See Yoda figured that it was better to let some Jedi die then risk sending others in after them even when it was the council’s bad decision making that let to the situation in the first place….That why Obi-Wan looked surprised when the Jedi showed up to save them in the area in the second prequels.

Still think Master Yoda is the ……well….he’s not all bad but look 3 points could easily turn into 3 separate story based emails for just about any business to use.

Yet copywriters want to limit themselves to the easiest way out. These story experts….using the same trick in one week.
That’s what made it annoying and funny. I thought it was a joke to get 4 emails quoting Yoda.
It wasn’t and I wouldn’t like the same thing to happen to you when you start using story to engage your audience.
Because I know you think you’re special but you’re not and most of your audience is probably following your competitor and others in your niche so if everyone is writing about Yoda’s do or do not….whose gonna win the sale?
I’ll let you think on that.

But while you do remember that I will be opening the doors soon to Story Sales Email Course.

A good way to learn how to use story to make more money using email without looking like your competitors.
You can gain more knowledge on how to out story your competition while making addition and multiplication happen in your bank accounts by signing up to the mailing list and getting your Free Business Story Checklist.

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Using Surveys in your business? You might want to read this before you make the biggest mistake in using surveys

survey confusion all commons license


So I been in this question and the then analyze the results game for a while. At one point in my life I thought I wanted to be a market researcher so surveys and analyzing survey responses became home sweet home for me.

So now when I see more business owners using surveys to create offers for their audience I can’t help but feel pity on their poor souls because I know what they are in for.

About a year ago now Ryan Levesque published a book called Ask which became a New York Times best seller. It detailed his Ask Method in great detail. A method that requires the use of surveys and survey results to segment a business owners email list into specific buckets in which the business owner can now tailor special offers to a group of hyper responsive subscribers that will be eager to buy. Do all of this and success seems to come instantly. I know people that have used the Ask Method and it has made a huge difference in their business so in short it works but….
Only if you do it right.

You see once you get into trying to implement the Ask method in your business you will noticed that things start to get complicated fast.

You have to build an email list if you currently don’t have one and that takes work, time and money.

You have to have the tech tools in place to create, bring traffic to and launch your survey. Don’t forget you have to push for results because need a certain number of responses.
You have to create the question and then interpret the results.

Create the ‘buckets’ and then create the offer based on the results and then build out the sales funnel from there.

That’s a lot of work and there are many places where a business owner could go horribly wrong.
For example, the creation of the questions for your survey…

You might think this part is easy. Just slap together a few questions about what your audience likes or dislikes and boom! You have a survey ready to go.

No so fast. If you ask the wrong question or ask it in the wrong way you could completely render your survey useless. In fact, in the Ask Method there are two types of questions you must ask and screwing up those two questions is a sure ticket to failure for your survey funnel.

One of those questions and the most important question out of your whole survey has to be done right. In fact, it is called the Single Most Important Question aka SMIQ in the Ask Method. If you make it too broad then you’ll get distorted answers but if it’s too narrow then you won’t get enough responses. You have to strike a delicate balance.

Sounds like something you can do with no problem?


Now what about all the hundreds of response that you have to manually go over.

Yes, I said hundreds because you need at least 500.

Did I mention that most of the questions are open ended so that means reading through responses that could be as long as 500 plus words and you have over 500 responses to read and analyze?

You can’t take any short cuts on this and you need to have someone that is experienced enough to understand what these responses mean as well as what they say in order to create the ‘buckets’ in which you will base your sales funnel on.

If this sound like something you can do with no problem, then good luck.

However, if the mention of just creating the right questions or analyzing hundreds of responses frightens you.

Especially since you now know that making a mistake could cost you lots of money.
You are not alone.

If you’re business is using the Ask Method, would like to or is currently using surveys but having trouble.

Then you can sign up here to join my waiting list and be sent an application to see if you would be a good candidate for the next time slots that will be opening up shortly.

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Knowledge Bomb about Story

A little knowledge bomb for you business folks using story which you all should be by the way.

Story with no purpose is useless.

I see many online business folks starting to use story in their business that violate this on a daily basis.

First off Story is a tool that we humans having being using for thousands of years and it works.

Two: stories that are remembered and are useful have purpose.

You have to define that purpose before you go off running your mouth in videos as to what is the point of telling that story to your audience. What are you looking to do and gain from this?

In the game of using story to grow your business. The story you tell has to resonate with your audience.

If it doesn’t resonate with them then you failed. Time to go back and try again not continue telling the same story and similar stories in your business marketing.

Key to this: If your audience doesn’t care and doesn’t do then your story needs to change.
Now if you realize that story is not your strength. That good and okay because if you are in this group. I’ll drop some knowledge to help you along the path of using storytelling which is one of my ‘Thangz’.

Any Q’s about story or how to use it? Comment below so I can answer it in another post here.

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Pass on what you have learned


This all means nothing if you are not passing it on.
There is a saying called each one teach one. The biblical lesson of give a man a fish he eats for a day but Teach a man to fish and he eats for a life time.
It all points to this simple responsible of the one who learns has to pass on this knowledge/information skill on to others so that they may rise up or avoid ever going hungry, ignorant or reliant on the good will of others.
Last Friday night I had a conversation about how we as business owners can teach our children about starting, growing and running your own business. How do you get your kids started? What would be a good first seminar to take them to or what books should we make them read and so on.
This got me thinking about my own nephew who lives with me and who I take care of. How much of my hustler skills and knowledge have I passed down to him? How much of the things I learned about starting businesses have I shown him? I rated myself on this can decided that I had to step the game up a bit and I began a lesson in getting quick money this past weekend.
I think he did okay for someone that is 8 years old and stuck with his aunt. He earned the two dollars he wanted to go to the store with. It was the begins of a very long lesson to learn and the start of many new lessons that I will teach him.

I find it especially important that I pass on this knowledge to him because he is a Black male growing up in America and it would be very easy for him to fall into the wrong influence. I think the best I could give him is the skills to survive…bootstrap if he had to or wanted to. I want to show them that there are lots of legal ways of being an entrepreneur and not just the default of what if usually expected of Black folks.

My reasoning might be different from yours for those of you that are parents but you still should seriously consider passing on the knowledge you have gained from starting and running your own business. Even if you have some iron clad plan to make sure that your children are well taken care of. The best thing you could do is to pass on the knowledge, the lessons and the experiences of being a business owner and controlling your own life.
So what are you folks with kids or with young family members doing to pass on the skills you have acquired in this entrepreneurs journey.
Are you teaching them to fish so they can eat for a life time?
Are you setting them up to be reliant on the good will of others and to blame society for their own failures?


The answer may frighten you but as long as it gets you thinking and doing. I think you’ll be all right.

So live long and pass on.



Lauren -The Story Brand Strategist

A Bronx Born Storyteller

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These are your First Steps: The concept of One Thing taking action on what you learn

AJ's Online Coaching Seminar

One is the loneliest number in business but not productivity.—LB

That last few days have been fun and interesting and I’m still recovering and not because I drank all that much but I am an introvert that states I ‘hate’ people so I have been limiting my contact with people while still doing the auntie thing with my nephew. (He plays flag football.)

I went to AJ’s Mihrzad Online coaching seminar event and I must say he did a wonderful job and many folks ended the event pumped to get their fitness/whatever they do coaching online started or revitalized.

Good for them.

It’s good to be inspired by all the cool and passionate speakers like Dan Meredith aka my British Bear, Carrie and Brian plus littles, Jesse Elder and the many other speakers that graced the stage to deliver their message and lesson that they hope will help someone in the room who is looking to get to that 6 figure range with their businesses and experience the freedom of not having to trade dollars for hours in the gym.

Now with all this inspiration and excitement going around I am very curious to see who is actually going to run with it.

Who out of a sold out event full of people are going to apply what they have learned to their business right now?

Some of the attendees are still in NYC but will be returning home very soon and I wonder how many of them will do.

It is one thing to be inspired by going to one of these seminars but another thing to go back home to their reality and then start implementing the things that they learned.

The great thing about seminars like this one is that you get to hear from many different speaker that are hopefully incorporating story correctly in their presentations…buts that another post…….however the bad part about seminars like this one is that you’ll get so much information about how people did something or to do something and while attendees are taking furious notes on what they are hearing….

I wonder how much they will comprehend and then do after. It is easy to take a book full of notes and then never look at it again. I have done it myself on many occasions.

So what I do to make sure that I get at least one thing out of my time spent at these seminars or at least the parts where the speakers are teaching something is to choose One Thing and make it my One Thing.

It will be the thing that I focus on until I have accomplished it.

Now why is that?

Someone of you might think that is not very productive…how I’ll grow my business and so on if I have this laser like focus on the On The One Thing?

Simple really…..

See the One thing focus is really a trick. It’s not really one thing. Its many things with one goal.

See you might find that that one thing you decide to do after you come back home from an event like AJ’s might be to raise your rates which is something that one of the attendees did.

So that might be her one thing that she decided to focus on and it seem simple of enough but it really is deceiving…

Let me explain:

So if her goal was to raise her rates she had to do a few things first.

She had to build up that confidence or channel the momentum that she got from the seminar into this goal.

Then she had to figure out how much she was going to raise her rates  and which offer to start with and this step right here stops most people from going any further.

After getting past that stage in the process she then has to do the scariest part of this whole thing…

I’m sure you can guess what that is.

She had to tell her list about her new price and then give them the offer with her new raised rate.

Not many people get to this stage.

So there you see that one thing that you made your focus still requires a bunch of steps and I didn’t even take in account the energy that it takes to do the physical part like turning on the computer and writing the emails and so on.

Now there is a book call The One Thing by this guy think his name is Gary…..something…uh… Keller yeah Gary Keller and I’ve never read it so before some ass comes along and says that I just bite off some author I never meet who wrote a book I never read.

This has been my way since I was in high school which was over a decade ago which for those who are even lower in learn Ed than me…a decade means 10 years.

This book was published April 1, 2013 so I been doing something I guess is similar to what this guy is talking about… I’ll find out soon enough as I will be reading this book in the next month or two.

But back to what the hell I was trying to make a point about.

Yeah so out all the things you learn at some conference or seminar or whatever you go to or what every product thing you buy…

Find that One Thing

And Make it Happen.

This was a public service to all entrepreneurs, wantabeubers, random marketing online folk, or just the regular Ghetto Hustlers like me.

Written by Lauren The Story Brand Strategist

Bronx Born Storyteller

To get daily marketing and business lessons that make money and learn to story tell through it all

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Say What you want…This kid’s a Better Entrepreneur than You

fake teen doctor

In Florida recently some 18 year old kid got caught twice posing as a doctor.

Not just any doctor….a gynecologist…

Yup this guy was seeing and touching the vay jayjay and getting paid to do it without a license, first date, or a curfew

If a player ever lived…..if a hustler was ever born…This kid is it.

Come on, what man wouldn’t have done something like this if they thought they could get away with it….well maybe Jesus and Sam Smith.

As a woman I should be appalled(Wow I used a big Word so pleased with myself) but I’m not cause my GYN is old as hell and I found him on Zoc Doc so I’m safe.

Besides there is plenty of people focused on the negative side of this….

I like to look at the positive.

One: This kid got more ballz than any of you out here complaining about how your life sucks and aint done sh$t about it.

Two: This is the second time he got caught doing this and he just keeps on going. Now that is GRIT….a bunch of you fakers out there need to take some notes.

Three: This guy started his own practice!!! He billed through insurance…haha and you can’t get your online business started?

You can’t make a dollar? He did it with less than 50 cents….in startup capital.

Too busy worrying about a funnel that you can’t afford. Let alone set up.

But you want to travel anywhere and work from a beach while money magically machines while you sleep?
You want that passive income but you can’t even build up the gull to be even passive aggressive in getting your business up and running?

Or maybe you just confused as hell with all the marketing, business and mindset gufools and pissperts pulling you in 30 different directions at once. Do this no do that….start a blog…create a lead page to another lead page to a blog post to the optin in from a squeeze page to a questionnaire then a landing page.

If the question of ‘What the hell does this even mean?’ come up more often than is answered.

You got a pucking problem….

And maybe I can solve them.

I like simple stuff. I’m not a techno suave marketer. I keep it as simple as possible as long as it works.

I’m willing to get punched in the face and shot in the back just so you don’t have to try bull crap products or pay for seminars from the gufool fakes out there determined to hustle you out of your money.

I give those biz owners on my email list a daily email dropping some tried and true battle tested marketing and biz knowledge. Plus give you the option to learn more though my newsletter Guap Marketing Hustlers if you find my daily tip was worth it.

Plus Plus….kinda like double jump, I teach you how to use stories in your marketing to make money.

No lie.

AND give you the little kick in the ass by showing how guys like this 18 year old has more ballz…more GRIT in his pubic hair than you do in your entire body. It’s a gentle push from me to you to get your butt in gear and go make some money.

If you ready….which you should be right now.

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Homeless Man teaches us how to love the dead and market it


“Your reputation is everything. It’ll make you money and keep you from getting hurt. That’s why I do what I do.”–unknown corner hustler (Might have been me…but no snitching)

One thing’s for sure this story of this homeless dude screwing a corpse will surely keep him from getting bodied in jail.

(That means killed.)

While scrolling the news today, I came across a story about some random homeless man breaking into a funeral home….which to me is no big deal. That funeral home around me used to get robbed all the time.

But then I come to find out this crazy homeless man screwed one of the corpses.

(It was female. In case you were wondering.)

Really my dude…a corpse? As disgusting as it is—It’s hard out there for a pimp and even harder for a homeless man.

Yes, this crap is true. Check this…/homeless-man-breaks-into-funeral-home-ha…/

Anyone that does something like this will earn a nickname/Pen name because I am very sure he will be spending a good amount of time in the pen for this.

So I dub him D’nec… D for his first name and the nec for well necrophilia.

It’s fitting and is a good strong street name that any gangster would be proud of.

Now D’nec has earned himself a hell of a Rep because of his actions. So much that it’s news worthy and has been shared over 1.2K times already.

He’ll forever be in my mind and certainly in the minds of the prison guards, inmates and penal psych ward personnel as the guy who screws the dead.

That’s not a bad thing because of this situation he’ll be relatively safe while he’s under the jail.

Nobody is touching that azz.

You know what… if he plays his cards right when he gets out he’ll be able to tell his story of screwing a corpse and in the right circles make a whole lotta cake.

He could change his life by telling his crazy story of why he got locked up and he’ll have the media behind him too. After all this little weird story is all over the net now.

He’s not some random homeless guy that broke into a funeral home. He’s THE homeless guy, D’nec that broke into a funeral home and screwed a corpse and that means something.

He built himself a powerful rep and has a great story to tell plus he got other people telling his story. This guy just might be a crazy marketing genius.

After all is said and done when he gets out he definitely could make some money off of this.

There is a quite a following for this sort of thing.


Now this disgusting news story is a perfect example of how a biz owner like you can use story to sell your product or service and turn it into something that will build up your rep in your niche.

As you can see a powerful story that gets told by others in your audience could net you fame and lots of monies in your pocket without the jail time.

And I know just how to do that.

In fact that’s what I’ll be teaching to the subscribers of Guap Marketing Hustlers .

I’ll teach you how to come up with a story for your business that builds you a brand that brings in the cash.

But I’ll only being sharing this lesson and more in Guap Marketing Hustlers .

The next issue is released in March.

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Lauren Hazel

Find the Right People and Get More Sales

Want to Sell More? Find the Right People.

The frustration of doing everything right and still not seeing any results…. Nobody said this road to owning a small business would be easy but damn…Why can’t I get more sales?

The Right People—Your People

If you want to sell more of your stuff then you have to find the right people…… your people.

How many times have I asked startup founders who are they selling to and got some B.S answer?
Well many and trust me if you want to sell more of your stuff (Products & Services) then you better go after the right people….

The right people can make a world of difference in your life. They can…..

Remember that time you were lost in a place you weren’t familiar with and you just happened to ask the right person for directions? That person gave you the right directions that got you to where you needed and wanted to be. But there is nothing like getting the directions from the wrong person. The wrong person gives you the wrong directions which sends you to places that you never wanted to go and makes your trip much longer than it should have been. Plus it very frustrating and sometimes it may even makes you late or causes you to just give up and find your way home. So if it’s this frustrating to get the wrong directions from the wrong people. How do you think it might be to being marketing and selling to the wrong audience? If you’re reading this it is because you want to increase your sales. Perhaps you already have a magic number in mind but no matter what new tactic you’ve tried you just can’t seem to get to your destination. I’m here to tell you that you can get more sales for your business but first you have to stop….look and listen to your current audience. Are they the right people giving you directions as to what their burning pains are or are they the wrong people who you have been begging to buy your stuff? No fancy message or new promotion on Pinterest will get you more sales if you are going after people that don’t want to buy your stuff in the first place. Trust me…. I should know. I have made this mistake myself and I want to keep you from making the mistake that many business owners have in the past so that you can get more sales and grow your business.

Find the right people!!!!!!

They are the key to your business getting more sales. The right people will help you build better products that will help them solve their burning problems and they are out there waiting for you to find them. Best of all the right people make the best customers! That’s a fact. So go out there and find your people! The Right People and come back for part two….I got my people now what?

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Every Business Has a Story…Those that tell take all

Welcome to Story Brand Strategist

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So how do you rise above the noise?

That’s what good marketing is all about.

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