Pass on what you have learned


This all means nothing if you are not passing it on.
There is a saying called each one teach one. The biblical lesson of give a man a fish he eats for a day but Teach a man to fish and he eats for a life time.
It all points to this simple responsible of the one who learns has to pass on this knowledge/information skill on to others so that they may rise up or avoid ever going hungry, ignorant or reliant on the good will of others.
Last Friday night I had a conversation about how we as business owners can teach our children about starting, growing and running your own business. How do you get your kids started? What would be a good first seminar to take them to or what books should we make them read and so on.
This got me thinking about my own nephew who lives with me and who I take care of. How much of my hustler skills and knowledge have I passed down to him? How much of the things I learned about starting businesses have I shown him? I rated myself on this can decided that I had to step the game up a bit and I began a lesson in getting quick money this past weekend.
I think he did okay for someone that is 8 years old and stuck with his aunt. He earned the two dollars he wanted to go to the store with. It was the begins of a very long lesson to learn and the start of many new lessons that I will teach him.

I find it especially important that I pass on this knowledge to him because he is a Black male growing up in America and it would be very easy for him to fall into the wrong influence. I think the best I could give him is the skills to survive…bootstrap if he had to or wanted to. I want to show them that there are lots of legal ways of being an entrepreneur and not just the default of what if usually expected of Black folks.

My reasoning might be different from yours for those of you that are parents but you still should seriously consider passing on the knowledge you have gained from starting and running your own business. Even if you have some iron clad plan to make sure that your children are well taken care of. The best thing you could do is to pass on the knowledge, the lessons and the experiences of being a business owner and controlling your own life.
So what are you folks with kids or with young family members doing to pass on the skills you have acquired in this entrepreneurs journey.
Are you teaching them to fish so they can eat for a life time?
Are you setting them up to be reliant on the good will of others and to blame society for their own failures?


The answer may frighten you but as long as it gets you thinking and doing. I think you’ll be all right.

So live long and pass on.



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