SBS Hustler Shorts: Content Marketing 2019

Me in my Vader suit. Content Marketing 2019.

As you know we have a little podcast where I share some marketing and sales tips to help you grow your brand and revenue. I try to keep the episide short so you can get some good tips and keep on with your day.

Now because this is 2019 and Content is Big. I decided to start a series on the show all about Content Marketing in 2019. The first part of this series is now available on the podcast and the next part of this series is soon to follow.

Make sure that you check it out because if you don’t have a content marketing strategy and you are not creating interesting content. You will find yourself and your business taking a back seat to those that are. However there are many ways to go about Content Marketing. Most companies get stuck in the planning phases of it and then screw up the creation. This series will explore Content Marketing and focus on the creation of content that creates brand and drives leads into sales funnels.

You can check out the podcast episode here:

Don’t worry if the great Spotify is not to your liking this podcast is also available on Apple itunes and yes I will have those links right here for you.

Apple itunes link below for SBS Hustler Shorts: Content Marketing 2019

Make sure you go have a listen and then give us feedback. Ask us questions about content marketing in 2019. We’ll gladly answer them in one of the episodes. If you are looking for more personalized help in this area. Make sure you join our mailing list. As well drop us a message via email if you are looking for a more personalized approach for your company. We can’t guarantee that we can work together but if we are a match and scheduling permits we can help you make sure your company is on the right side when it comes to content marketing in 2019.

If you like to check out some of our early posts go here:

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