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SEO is important but also having content that is interesting and SEO optimized is the key to getting ranked in Google and creating an enjoyable experience for visitors to your website. SEO copywriting services that provide good content and value to your visitors will help rank your website higher in Google.

What can proper SEO content on your website do?

Get you ranked on Google: Google wants people to have an enjoyable experience

Get your visitors to stay on your website longer

Get your visitors to take action by doing things like sharing the content, joining your email list and making purchases

Help you increase the sales to your affiliate website or ecommerce website

Get these visitors to come back to your website

All these things make your paid traffic plans much more effective and less costly.

That’s why…

You want to make the content is interesting

You want to tell stories

You want to show the value of what you do or what your website/products are about.

You want to be informative and entertaining. Boring content that is SEO optimized doesn’t cut it any more. As website visitors will only stay for a short amount of time if the page they land on does not interest them. Story is a great way to keep your website visitors on the site and with the right persuasive words can move them to buy or optin to your email list. Plus the website visitor if they land on your website that has SEO optimized content that is interesting, valuable and uses story are more likely to share the content with others. When content is shared that hits all the points of being interesting, valuable and uses story then you will attract more potential customers for your business.

The experience matters. There are a lot of websites that are SEO optimized in the worst ways. It is more about having the keywords show up multiple times rather than provide good content.

SEO copywriting services that only work to write content that has the key words show up multiple times but don’t use story to keep visitors on the page and help move them to the next step is useless. Google will eventually start punishing those websites that do that. If you are in the market to getting some SEO copywriting services for your business then it is better to have a writer that knows how to create interesting and valuable content. However finding a company that has writers that can do it might be difficult.

Most SEO copywriting services provide word count and a quick turn around. They do not talk about provide quality content that help convert. It is about turn around written content fast but with the changes in Google in how SEO is done. You need SEO copywriting services that can create content that is entertaining and uses story to make your readers become more interested in your business.

How can that be done?

First you need to have a conversation with the writer of the SEO content. Before submitting the information needed to get started. The Copywriter providing the services needs to ask certain questions so they can get a better sense of the business they are writing for.

SEO copywriting services should include a questionnaire through a call as well as more information on the product or service being sold or talked about. The key is to make people and Google happy. Right now providing quality content is key.

Our SEO Copywriting Services do just that. We have a phone call where we evaluate where you are and what your goals are with your business.

We find out what keywords you have that you would possibly like to rank for.

We also look for more opportunities that might be good for our SEO Copywriting services can further get your website ranking and more of your visitors sharing and converting to buyers of your products/services.

To begin the process to see if our SEO copywriting services are right for you.

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