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Justin Parker

The most underrated skill in business is Storytelling. Gary V-

I just had to give a shout out to Lauren Hazel The Story Brand strategist.

If you need help clarifying your story or getting better at writing copy.. You need to connect with Lauren.

She is amazing. I was having problems coming up with ways to infuse my story into my copy to make it more relatable & highlight my experience.

Not any more.

A few hours with Lauren and I am writing more clearly and easier than ever.

In fact I deployed these tactics already with client and saw some immediate results for a guy in Texas. I used the same principals I learned from Lauren to help put an awesome -3 minute video to discuss my clients story and he is already getting (atleast one ) deal(s) directly attributed to his video.

I also used this video to close an existing client on doing the same thing.

So if you need someone to help you get your ideas flowing. Get in touch with Lauren.


Andrea Schmitz

Lauren Hazel. We are working on story-boarding my chaotic life to get a crystal clear picture on how to sell my story.. She is a brilliant writer.. Although, we are schedule for our 1st call tonight (1 of 4 — 1 HR Calls )(( BTW, & IMHO This HAS to be the biggest Time commitment I have ever seen, She Must be Spending 10+ HOURS ON Each Project) Incredibly.. Anyways, She already sent a 40 minute video explaining what to expect & how she works & I feel completely comfortable bearing my soul to her in order to come up with a Killer Story line that I will be able to use in my copy & to inspire more people & Sell More Shit. Win/Win&Win


Justin Parker that year later


–Yup because of you & our sessions last year, I definitely became a much better communicator. Lauren has helped me tremendously. S O If anyone anty business owners or just regular people want to learn to to write better, Lauren is My GoTo.. She helped me immensely (Among a few other folks) but our sessions last year really resonated with me & helped me tremendously. I will always appreciate that.

Haha, and wow. thank u. seriously for that Lauren, that is truly an honor coming from you. That definitely mean a lot time. 🙂 thank u.


Katie Callaghan

Lauren is a goddamned story wizard. I have a degree in creative writing and she not only explains and teaches story better than any of my professors, but she honed in on my specific business story in like…20 minutes. (It would have been 5 but she was being polite and letting me finish.) I wrote my website in record time after she helped me. So seriously, just hire her. She’s f**king amazing.

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