The Video of the Year for The Story Brand Strategist…Watch and Learn

This video is everything and more. Talk about storytelling in such a way but yet leaving it up to interpretation. Every time you watch it. You will  find something new. I think just about everything has a meaning.  Donald Glover created this masterpiece and then released without explanation. He has people going crazy trying to figure out what he is thinking.

They want to know the reason why and if their take on this awesome video is correct. If you didn’t know who this man was which at this point with his successful show and the his new role a Lando in The Star Wars Movie Solo. Then you will certainly know his name. This video ha gone viral with over 4.5 million views and a ton of commentary. That is something to think about if you plan on using video for your brand. Can you tell a story that is so eye           catching and makes the viewer watch many times over.

Can you create something that makes people want to discuss it and argue over it?

If you could would you want to. With this video came more criticism of Mr. Glover for some past comments and his current relationship. When you succeed in creating something like this you have to be ready for what people thought of you and judgement of your actions. It’s not easy but perhaps the sweetness of the fruit of PR is worth it. I think this video was important and will be in the future because while Donald Glover isn’t promoting a famous brand he is promoting Donald Glover and a version of America that seem all too realistic.

Eh’ maybe it’s just me going too deep on this video.

What do you think?

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