These are your First Steps: The concept of One Thing taking action on what you learn

AJ's Online Coaching Seminar

One is the loneliest number in business but not productivity.—LB

That last few days have been fun and interesting and I’m still recovering and not because I drank all that much but I am an introvert that states I ‘hate’ people so I have been limiting my contact with people while still doing the auntie thing with my nephew. (He plays flag football.)

I went to AJ’s Mihrzad Online coaching seminar event and I must say he did a wonderful job and many folks ended the event pumped to get their fitness/whatever they do coaching online started or revitalized.

Good for them.

It’s good to be inspired by all the cool and passionate speakers like Dan Meredith aka my British Bear, Carrie and Brian plus littles, Jesse Elder and the many other speakers that graced the stage to deliver their message and lesson that they hope will help someone in the room who is looking to get to that 6 figure range with their businesses and experience the freedom of not having to trade dollars for hours in the gym.

Now with all this inspiration and excitement going around I am very curious to see who is actually going to run with it.

Who out of a sold out event full of people are going to apply what they have learned to their business right now?

Some of the attendees are still in NYC but will be returning home very soon and I wonder how many of them will do.

It is one thing to be inspired by going to one of these seminars but another thing to go back home to their reality and then start implementing the things that they learned.

The great thing about seminars like this one is that you get to hear from many different speaker that are hopefully incorporating story correctly in their presentations…buts that another post…….however the bad part about seminars like this one is that you’ll get so much information about how people did something or to do something and while attendees are taking furious notes on what they are hearing….

I wonder how much they will comprehend and then do after. It is easy to take a book full of notes and then never look at it again. I have done it myself on many occasions.

So what I do to make sure that I get at least one thing out of my time spent at these seminars or at least the parts where the speakers are teaching something is to choose One Thing and make it my One Thing.

It will be the thing that I focus on until I have accomplished it.

Now why is that?

Someone of you might think that is not very productive…how I’ll grow my business and so on if I have this laser like focus on the On The One Thing?

Simple really…..

See the One thing focus is really a trick. It’s not really one thing. Its many things with one goal.

See you might find that that one thing you decide to do after you come back home from an event like AJ’s might be to raise your rates which is something that one of the attendees did.

So that might be her one thing that she decided to focus on and it seem simple of enough but it really is deceiving…

Let me explain:

So if her goal was to raise her rates she had to do a few things first.

She had to build up that confidence or channel the momentum that she got from the seminar into this goal.

Then she had to figure out how much she was going to raise her rates  and which offer to start with and this step right here stops most people from going any further.

After getting past that stage in the process she then has to do the scariest part of this whole thing…

I’m sure you can guess what that is.

She had to tell her list about her new price and then give them the offer with her new raised rate.

Not many people get to this stage.

So there you see that one thing that you made your focus still requires a bunch of steps and I didn’t even take in account the energy that it takes to do the physical part like turning on the computer and writing the emails and so on.

Now there is a book call The One Thing by this guy think his name is Gary…..something…uh… Keller yeah Gary Keller and I’ve never read it so before some ass comes along and says that I just bite off some author I never meet who wrote a book I never read.

This has been my way since I was in high school which was over a decade ago which for those who are even lower in learn Ed than me…a decade means 10 years.

This book was published April 1, 2013 so I been doing something I guess is similar to what this guy is talking about… I’ll find out soon enough as I will be reading this book in the next month or two.

But back to what the hell I was trying to make a point about.

Yeah so out all the things you learn at some conference or seminar or whatever you go to or what every product thing you buy…

Find that One Thing

And Make it Happen.

This was a public service to all entrepreneurs, wantabeubers, random marketing online folk, or just the regular Ghetto Hustlers like me.

Written by Lauren The Story Brand Strategist

Bronx Born Storyteller

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