Thoughts of Supreme Leader H. Vol. 1

Thoughts of Supreme Leader H. Vol. 1

Never before released thoughts from the Supreme Leader H. about business including some stories from FB land These 5 audio downloads talk about everything form sales to time management.

All the things she wish she knew before making some business decisions that cost her thousands in lost profit. 

However you can avoid these mistakes and use the advice contained in these downloads to make more sales. Keep your reputation when others are destroying theirs on social and protect your time.

  • The things that need to be in place in order for copy to work
  • The foundations of all marketing, sales and business to be successful
  • Recording of chapter 2 of a book on sales that has not come out yet. Get an insight on what I look for to add to a more successful advertising campaign
  • Basic questions you need to ask before writing any copy or taking on a client
  • A lost episode of my Podcast SBS hustler shorts: This 38 minute episode was never aired but is full of advice you can take to the bank about sales
  • What people do wrong in sales and how you can avoid doing the same thing
  • Using story to make sales and not sound like every Tom, Dick and Harry…No not Prince Harry( My view of using story in marketing and selling.)
  • What you need to look for and do to find out where you are going on in your marketing and selling when you are not making money.
  • Why I don’t really teach the hero’s journey when it come to sales and marketing? What you should focus on instead to get more sales.
  • How to differentiate yourself in an industry when everyone is telling the same story?
  • What freelancers need to look for in clients to ensure that they enjoy working with them…not just about the money baby!
  • Why you should not bitch about your clients on Facebook as your first method of engagement…when we all know who you’re working with.
  • Some of my stories from the freelancer Marketing Consultant Life…
  • Mindset on time and why you need to consider a different way of using it for yourself and business. Why I protect my time like my cat protects his wet food.

These downloads are available to you for only $20 when you buy them now.


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